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Due to cancer, cooking routes, many Vietnamese daily Eva kitchens


Many people believe that cooking will be extremely safe for health. However, by cooking this way, it can make you and your family many dangerous cancers.

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Use frozen oil to fry many times

To save money, many people often use cooking oils often. This is a very harmful bug for health, the risk of cancer is very high. When oil making oil is often heated, the chemical composition of the oil will change: Vitamin A, E and some nutrients in the oil are destroyed and some toxic elements such as aldehyde and fatty acid oxide are visible. These substances, when entering the body, inhibit enzymes that cause enzymes that cause fracture, which causes headache, dizziness, stomach ache, diarrhea, high blood pressure.

Misuse of grilled dishes

In a fired fired HCA, it is also known to be a toxic chemical cancer known as Heterocyclic Amines. Especially when filling the meat, the fat in the meat melts towards the coal, which will cause toxic smoker in the meat pieces to easily cause carcinogenesis and respiratory disease. Black-colored parts contain the highest carcinogenic chemicals, so remove them before eating.

When fried, stir fry, cooking oils warm up to smoke

Some people have a frying habit, frying food in the frying pane, the idea is that hot oil will make food more flavorful. However, when oil smokes smoking, then oil temperature is below 200 degrees Celsius. Have more than High temperatures not only produce antioxidant effects and nutrients in oil but also produce. Peroxide causes cancer.

Cook very fire, for a very long time

In any case, excessive cooking or excessive fires may alter the nature of carbohydrates and fats, causing carcinogenesis to occur. For example, soup, if cooked for a long time, boils back and boils, it only causes many vitamins to be destroyed, but it creates more poisonous and dense material, even considering the old fires. The reason

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Finish a burger, do not wash the pot but continue to cook another dish

Many people save time or the pot is still clean before making the first dish, do not clean the pot but keep cooking the other dish. Looking at the senses, pot seems clean, but in fact, the surface is clinging to fat and food. The fat and the rest of the meal, once processed at high temperatures, can produce benzaprenin again, which causes cancer. Experts recommend that you take some time to clean pot before making other dishes to schedule your health and safety for you and your family.

There is no choice of suitable cooking oils

Many people believe that all cooking oils on the market are identical. But this is completely wrong. Accordingly, less reputable brands or self-made cooking oils are sold at a higher price, which is caused by unsafe and dirty content. It contains many flotoxin which is the # 1 carcinogen in the body.

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Stir fry while covering

Let the food be faster and soft than housewife, which often covers the pot while stirring fries. But this is a habit that needs to be removed because it not only destroys food for nutrients, but also damages the health of the whole family.

While cooking, if you are careful, you can not avoid smoking in large numbers – oil and food processing at high temperatures.

Many studies have shown that smoker smoking in smoking like smoking is harmless, if it shows symptoms like sprain, chest pain, and headache. The risk of lung cancer is high in the long run.

To prevent this, study the habit of opening the lid on the lid while cooking, the kitchen also needs to be ventilated by opening the window or installing a hood exhaust system.

Fried potato crisps and starchy food

Science proves that high carbohydrate, low-protein foods such as potatoes, bread, etc., when cooking oils are exposed to high temperatures, they produce a serious intestinal carcinogen.

Use non-stick pots and pens at high temperatures

Pots and pens are very useful with non-stick objects while cooking. These non-sticking agents are not harmful to health at normal temperatures, but when the temperature is 300 degrees C – 500 degrees Celsius, this non-stick compound will form a layer of smoking that contains perfuocisibutilen complex, perfluoracetonic acid PFOA. And carbunclocaloid causes cancer.

While using non-stick pots and pens, metal tools should not be used for stirring, stirring, or scrubbing because they will move the non-stick plane from an accident, so that the anti-stealing substance mixes the food into harmful health. Healthy

Cooked ham chips by sausage, salted meat, fry and frying

Sausage, bacon, ham meat often contain salt, cholesterol and saturated fatty acids and diseases related to blood lipid metabolism. Do not eat fried foods because it contains nitrite ammonium, if fried, will produce fried carcinogenes.

Go to eat, so avoid calling these 3 familiar vegetables because they are very dirty, not sure to wash the restaurant

Despite being delicious and nutritious, due to the clean surface, many restaurants were lazy to wash before proceeding.

According to Quang Ng (Tien Phong)

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