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Enterprises must remove the word "can" in the ad slogan


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Coca-Cola pre-modified advertising template

In particular, the Department of Cultural Affairs sent official sent to provinces and cities' culture and information departments requesting the reconstruction of the advertising activities of the culture, sports and tourism departments and Coca-Cola products.

According to this document, the announcement on Coca-Cola Vietnamese television and some media now use the term "open Vietnamese can".

"The use of the above mentioned phrase in the advertising material is a sign of aesthetic behavior that is incompatible with Vietnamese customs and habits and does not guarantee the clear information of advertising materials. Products and Goods violate the provisions of Section 9 and Clause 1 clause 19 of Advertising Tax Law. Department said.

After receiving the writing from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Coca-Cola Vietnamese said that it worked quickly with relevant departments to ensure proper, fast and adjustment. High adherence to your advertising content using the phrase "openers Vietnamese can"

"Soon after receiving the delivery from the department, the company changed the" Open Vietnamese Cayenne "word" Daily chance of winning gold "for the promotion of Coca-Cola Vietnam products on television. And other advertising facilities," the source said.

On June 29, the exchange with the press, the company said it is possible to change the advertising campaign's sunset into "open gold cans". According to Coca-Cola, the production of the promotion is fresh cans, so the company can not use alternate words like "bottle" or "box" …

According to Coca-Cola Vietnam, the promotion of this business was originally intended to provide a message with a specific guide on how to look at the promotion code under the lid of Coca-Cola products, not counting for other language elements in the phrase.

The company also said that the entire advertising content on all TV channels, digital and 70% outdoor advertising icons has been updated with new content. The company is still doing activities which can complete the change in the first week of July 2019.

Earlier, the director of the Basic Culture Department, District of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Nissan Nih Thu Mege said in the press that the department has issued a document to improve Coca-Cola Vietnam as expressive. State Management Responsibility of this Division. According to Huong, the word "loan" is settled alone, not associated with coca-cola or beer … it is understood in many ways.

Mrs. Huong said: "Suppose people sign in, add a cap to that word … Vietnam can have many problems in" doing. "According to Mr. Huong, Kons in Vietnam have a lot meaning if they are" Coca-Cola " , "Beer" is not associated with other drinks like …

Directors of the Grashers Culture Department have explicitly said that like the name of "Coco-Cola", "Vietnam", the last adverbial words like "Vietnam" are insulting … aggressive, lack of aesthetics because Vietnamese names are used naturally for advertising purposes Not to be taken, is associated with formulas that are not formal.

However, on June 29th, thousands of people commented on the voting and commenting on the views of Nissan Thi Meg and Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry on the social network. Many people believe that it is an unnecessary deduction, the enterprise is not in the law and making it difficult for businesses.

In the document sent to local people, the Department of Cultural Affairs proposed the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Local Culture and Information Services to check and review Coca-Cola Advertising Product Advertising Dossiers. -Cola has requested and requested the phrase "opened Vietnamese Kane" to edit the phrase. At the same time, advertising products need to be removed in cases where the organizations and individuals do not advertise advertising products for advertising on media boards and banners.

For the purposes of transportation, screens and other advertising, the Culture and Sports and Tourism Ministry has requested the use of the phrase to check the improvement or disposal of the advertising products. Maintaining the above violation of the provisions of law (if any)

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