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"Financial Boss" trapped in labor: 4 years in prison, person in prison

Sunday, 2/12/2013 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Tran Back Yes, Tram Baau, Boo Kian, Yes Van Tham, Tran Fuong Binh, Ta Ba Long … Once upon a banking circle, now the court has become the defendants in the "country's" project "." Especially, in the office, "boss" Life sentence for life is mandatory.

Former BIDV chairman, "Financial Magnet", Tran Back Yes

On November 29, the Police Investigation Agency of the Public Safety Ministry (C3) served on the decision to prosecute the accused, Mr. Tran Baak Yes (former chairman of BIDV board), Tran Luk Lang (former deputy) Kue Deen Hoa (Former director of BIDV Yes Teinh ), Le to Van Anh (Former Head of BIDV Ha Tinh).

Accordingly, under Section 206 of Pen Code 2015, Mr. H. and 3 subsidiaries were accused of violating the rules regarding banking activities and other activities related to banking activities.

Currently investigating the police department of the Public Security Ministry (C03) is to investigate and recover from the law according to the law.

Financial Boss & # 34; Workers: 4 years in prison, life imprisonment - 1

Mr. Tran Baak Yes and his observers

Mr. Tran Baak Yes, former BIDV chairman, born in 1956 in Hanoi. Before his retirement in September 2016, H had 35 years old bank.

Mr. Yes, in relation to the former Chairman Vice President Trumbau, he was identified with the following two characteristics: Witness, witness and having relevant rights and responsibilities took place in Pham Kong Dahh on the General Vietnam Construction Bank (VNCB).

However, in January 1818, during the hearing of this case, when the court was called as "related expertise", Tran Baak was absent on the basis of "demand for medical treatment abroad". .

Due to bad influence on party organization and Bidiv bank's reputation, the former Bidvi chairman was fired in June last year; Dreadful in society Mr. Tran Baak's violation is considered to be serious

Former President of VNCBC Mr. Pham Kong Danne

Perhaps Pham Kong Danne was the most talked about in the past, in which the series of bank failures and many banks once included many connections with the famous "former leader". Train Back, Other Like Agarwood …

Financial Boss & # 34; Workers: 4 years in prison, life imprisonment - 2

Defendant in a trial, Pham Kong Dante

Pham Kong Dahah was born in 1965, which was a huge property and construction material before a bank's bankruptcy bankruptcy, and numerous banks were dragged on the attitude of the giants. Fall in the current round of labor. Prior to the case, Pham Kong Dai had anticipated possessing a wealth of millions of dollars.

According to the prosecution, rescuers Pham Kong had instructed their staff to misbehave in the law, due to which V.D.D. There was a loss of more than 13,164 billion VCCBs, which included 29 corporate borrower in three banks. More than 6.100 billion

After two trials, Pham Kong Dan was sentenced to 30 years in prison for deliberate mis-conduct in financial management, resulting in serious consequences. Violations of lending regulations in the activities of credit institution

Mr. Tram Be, Former Vice President of Sycamrank

Regarding the mistakes of Pham Kang Dal, it is impossible to mention Trombon, "Tycoon" was born in the banking industry in 1959. When he was arrested, he took over as the chairman of the Symbamant, the chairman of the credit committee.

When Agarwood entered the market, the first area was forest products and real estate, healthcare process … but also created it in the field of bringing trombies to financial and banking sectors. "Falling Horse".

Financial Boss & # 34; Workers: 4 years in prison, life imprisonment - 3

Tambol was brought to the final hearing. Image: Than Guguin

In the case of Pham Kong Dah, Phase 2, Tram B, Pham Kong Dah, and Fan Hu Khang, allegedly agreed to borrow Pham Kong Dahan up to 1800 in the case related to Pham Kang Tan. VDN billion, collateral is the deposit of VCCB.

When borrowing money by giving names of the companies named in the loan, but the company can not pay when the loan agreement is reached, Sekromank automatically generates 1,835.8 billion (both main and interest)) to recover the debt from the V.C. From CB Deposit As companies have no collateral, VNCB companies can not recover the amount used to repay the debt, which has damaged the bank of more than 1,835 billion.

Currently, the trump has been sentenced to four years' imprisonment for "intentional infringement of state regulations regarding economic management due to serious damage".

Despite being jailed on November 29, CSDTA has claimed to investigate the rules of bankruptcy of credit institutions against Traum B, in which "super trick" "Dung Thanh Quong

Mr. Yes Van Tham, Former President of Ocean Bank

Mr. Yes Van Tham, who is being sentenced to life imprisonment by the Hanoi High Court, was convicted in May 2018 as a known person in banking, real estate, tourism and hotel areas.

Before its detention in October 2014, at the time, Vietnam was one of the first 10 richest people in the stock market, with assets of about 1600 billion. After that, the financial officials believed that Mr Thaum would vote after the Vietnam billionaire Fom Nhat Wong, VonguPoss boss.

In 2014, Haan Than was arrested and charged on 27 February 2017: violation of the rules of lending to the activities of credit institutions; The state of abuse of power while doing official duties; The illegal activities of the state are at Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Ocean Bank).

Financial Boss & # 34; Workers: 4 years in prison, life imprisonment - 4

Yes Van Tham was arrested

According to the charge, Yes Van is the first creator, which directs the implementation of external interests in the Oceanbank, which has damaged more than 1,500 billion VDs in the bank. This disrupts the currency security, causing Ocean Bank to lose control, accounting for nearly half of the bad debt system.

Former OceanBank chairman also concluded that former CEO of Oceanbank Guyan Zhuan was helping to catch PVN's 49 billion Dang and 197 billion OceanBank, BSc.

Member of the ACB Foundation Board Mr. Guyan Duke Keane

On August 21, 2012, the local financial market shocked the news that Nguyen Duc Kien (Kian voting member) was arrested by the Investigation Agency of Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) by the Police Investigation Agency Agency of Public Security. Detention of "illegal business"

After the detention period, the court handled two first examples of hearing and appeals against Keane's accusations. M Guyan Duke Ki and the court sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment, in which charges of "doing business illegally" include a 20-month jail; 6 years and 6 months imprisonment for "tax evasion", more than 75 billion fine punishments

Financial Boss & # 34; Workers: 4 years in prison, life imprisonment - 5

Keyn's smile after entering the court room.

According to the ASB Prospects 2010, Guyan Du Quinn is no longer in the Board of Directors. However, it is known as the "main shareholder" of many big banks. In the ACB, Guguen Duck Qian has 31.57 million shares and Dang Nagoc Lane (Baú Keene's wife) has 38.5 million shares. At close prices on April 18, the Bau Can Couple now has more than 3,423 billion.

In the field of sports, Guyan Duck Kien is the Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Football Association – VNF, the chairman of Hanoi Football Club and is often referred to as "KN".

GB Bang Long, former chairman of GP Bank

Before buying SBV0 Dong in 2015, former chairman of PetroviaNet Bank (GP Bank), Ta Ba Long, holds 35% of the bank's capital.

Financial Boss & # 34; Workers: 4 years in prison, life imprisonment - 6

Shri Ta Ba Long is in the office

Prison was sentenced by the end of 2017 and the court sentenced him to five years of imprisonment, resulting in serious consequences, causing a loss of over 4,700 billion VDD to GP Bank.

Donbank Vice Chairman, Tran Fuong Binh

According to the plan, from November 27 to December 25, 2018, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City will first trial in the criminal case "Condemnation status, Authorities for the right property", "Dong A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Naga Bank) State rule gives serious consequences "," absence of responsibility to bring serious results "

26 defendants were brought on trial, in which Tran Fuong Binh (59 years old, former General Director, Vice Chairman and Chair of Dongbank Credit Committee).

According to the investigation, Mr. Trung Fuong Binhe Dong had pointed out treasury and investment activities in the bank, misuse of trust for breach of the eligibility of assets, due to which V.D.D. There was a total loss of 3405 billion dollars.

Financial Boss & # 34; Workers: 4 years in prison, life imprisonment - 7

The defendant Tran Fuent Singh (middle)

Investigators believe that Mr. Bain's fault is the cause of loss in equity and Videand 25,000 billion equity in VD and 31,000 billion equity at the end of 2015.

Prior to becoming the General Director of Donabank, Tran Fuang Dinh claimed to be a socialist economist teacher at the HCMC Intermediate School of 1983-1992.

By July, 1992, the rescuer of East Asia Bank worked. Before returning, the respondent had time to take part in the proposal to establish a Danga bank. Soon after Dongbank was active, the accused became deputy general director.

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