Monday , October 18 2021

Hanoi announces nine projects for maintenance funding


The ministry of construction has announced only the investors, high buildings have not assigned the board to the 2% maintenance-owned fund. Especially, there are projects on this list for 7 years.

List of 9 projects assigned to the recently announced maintenance fund by the Department of Construction:

STT Investor's name Project Name


Joint stock company no. 3

CT1 Trung Van Residential Area, Nam Tu Lim District


Song Da Thang Long Joint Stock Company, Ba Dinh Construction Investment Joint Stock Company No. 1

City 5 AB Apartment in the Van Kheri Area, La K Ward, Yes Dong District


Back Yes Group joint stock company

Back Yes C 14 Apartment Building, Trung Van Ward, Nam Tu Lim District


Civil Engineering Joint Stock Company No. 18 (COMA 18)

Vesta Apartment Building, Mo Lao Ward, Yes Dong District


Fak Ya Infrastructure Development and Trading Investment Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (Vaishno)

Name Jha La Apartment, Fuk La Ward, Yes Dong District


Song Hong No. 1 Construction Joint Stock Company

City 3 Trung Van Apartment Building, Trung Van Ward, Nam Tu Lim District


Song da Giant Stock Company 1.01

Hamasco Apartment, Fuk la Ward, Yes Dong District


Construction United Stock Company No. 2 – Vinoconx

C1 Tower, VC2 Golden Silk Urban Kim Van, Kim Lu, Die Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District


Song da 1 joint stock company

Apartment City 4, Van Kher Urban Area, La K Ward, Yes Dong District

The construction department has also informed that the City People's Committee has ordered the agency to submit documents to request the investors to fund the management.

However, in fact, the construction department leaders said that these are nine projects that the regulator has sent notices. In fact, the number of projects that are being done in this situation is large, but the department will gradually announce the list according to the guidelines and rules.

The 2014 housing loan states that the investor will deduct 2% of the value of the apartment or a fund for the sale or lease of an apartment to set up a fund for the maintenance of an apartment … After collecting the buyer's fund, or the home area, the investor will temporarily manage one of these funds You have to set up the account. This amount will be allocated to the management board of the apartment, which was made for management and use based on rules governing the building.

In a report sent to the government a few months ago, the Ministry of Construction identified eight original apartment disputes, including maintenance fees (36% more than 108 disputed projects). In fact, this is also the most difficult dispute in many Hanoi projects, especially in the context of many apartment buildings which have been given for many years and are experiencing degradation.

This agency has suggested additional restrictions, with investors, dealing strictly with individuals in violation. The Ministry of Construction said that it will chaired and coordinated with relevant ministries and agencies to review and revise the legal documents relating to the functions, duties and powers of investors, condominiums and management companies operating in condominium owners.

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