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"Heavenly people" started the uprising, established an empire in Chinese heart, causing 20 million people to die – World


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At the end of Qing, China fell into disarray with the rise of Westerners, a peasant movement created millions of people to form their own empire.

& # 34; Heavenly people & # 34; Rebellion to establish an empire in China, which has killed 20 million people - 1

The heavenly kingdom is a rebellion of 20-30 million people.

In 1843, dissident scholar Hong Tu Tau with the community society, due to Christian ideas, gathered supporters to fight against the Qing. Hong Tu Tōn himself refers to himself as a man who was sent to the earth by the King-God, who helps people to oppose Qing Dynasty.

The power of Hong Tu Tuan army is strong, in less than half a year, they have captured more than 16 provinces, 600 towns, which shake the Qing Court.

It is considered one of the most dangerous farmer's rebels in Chinese history, which weakens Qing Dynasty, creates Western opportunities to control coastal areas and imposes trade privileges on them. Chinese clay

Establish Empire in China

In 1850, the Thai Thai The Quaken Revolution started in Guanxi. On January 11, 1985, Hong Tu Thaena named himself the Heavenly King of the heavenly Kingdom, and established his empire. 10,000 people were rebelled when they defeated Manchu Kim Diane of Guanxi city of China.

In 1853, the rebels captured a big city, Nanjing, named it the kingdom of the capital, believing it. Hong Tu Taean changed the great God Liang Jiang's room into Heavenly Palace.

Hong Xiu Feng thinks of destroying his mission "monsters", so the crazy rebels are rebellious, killing manchu people living in the city. The history book says that 40,000 people were killed. Men were first killed, women were burnt alive.

& # 34; Heavenly people & # 34; Rebellion, established an empire in China, which killed 20 million people - 2

Thai Bain Thien Quok Revolution lasted just 15 years.

At the top of the summit, Thai Bain Thihen controlled Central and South China, controlling the vast Chenjjinj River and transported food easily to Nanjing. From here, the rebels want to increase upstream, the capital of the Qing kingdom occupy Beijing City, but fails.

In 1853, due to internal conflict in Thai Bain Thien Quok, the rebellion slowed, members cleaned each other. Because of a peasant uprising, the Pacific Empire wants to find Chinese middle-class support and western power, but all fail.

The main reason for weakening the rebellion is that they do not get deep support. In 1859, Hong Nahan Canan, a relative of Hong Tan Tuan, was empowered to ambitiously expand the empire. In 1860, the rebels captured Hangzhou and Suzhou, but did not reach Shanghai. This is the time when the fall of the Pacific Kingdom began.

Western forces began to interfere directly in defeating Thai god of Heavenly Kingdom in Shanghai. After many years of strengthening the army by launching a strong uprising in 1864, strengthening the army, most of the lost territory was withdrawn.

Falling due to head paranoia

Since 1862, ten thousand Qing Soldiers were surrounded by the capital of the kingdom of Heaven and the God of the Earth. By the end of 1863, the Qing army had captured most of the outside strategic positions, the fall of God was only a matter of time.

But Hong Tuo finally refused to accept the truth, but thought that an angel from heaven would come down to save him.

& # 34; Heavenly people & # 34; Rebellion, established an empire in China, which killed 20 million people - 3

Sketch the picture of Hong Tu Toun.

In the middle of the abstained food, King Li Quicheng proposed the Qing Army returning to the remote area to regain their strength.

Hong Tu Tuan, the empire heard the war and left the legendary sentence in Chinese history. "To serve God only with Thien Hinah Gia, to be on the roof, the only foot of the world, is there any fear? You do not have to work, you do not have to pay attention to the good thing. According to Best China News, if you want to get out of the city Or stay in a guru, it is up to you. "

Half a year later, always waiting for the help of an angel, Hong Tu Tone fell into serious illness, chose a suicide path. Till the time of his death, Hong Tu Toun said: "People are getting relief, immediately scattered over the heavens, ask the heavenly God, the angel sends an angel to save heaven", according to the best China News.

Of course, after doing the first move to Hong Tu Tao, no divine allies could come to save God. Qan Thanah quickly beat the city.

Chinese historians and philosophers later assessed that Thai Bain Thien Quoc would have been successful in attracting China to the dark ages like the Middle Ages. Movement leader, Hong Tu Tone is the one who likes peace and happiness, the character who wants to make a great career.

15 years of chaos have serious implications. Many Chinese provinces could not restore their development until the beginning of the 20th century. It is estimated that 20 to 30 million people were killed in 15 years of rebellion.

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