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Horrible news in the rain

Typhoon quickly landed in Wong Town

By Ria-Wang in Tau province, from 8pm on November 25, typhoon no. 9, Nongan appeared in the Han Bay area in Fong cap and then landed with Wang Tau soon after heavy rains and winds. Many roads in the province are full of depth from 0.3 to 0.5 meters. A large number of people riding a motorcycle on the street in a car wheelchair by a big wind.

There are many ways in the town of Wang Town, such as Le Hong Fong, Gugu Du, Trung Deh …. In Ba Ria-Wang Tau Traffic Works Company, more than 100 years ago, Nakar collided and severely damaged the main building, two cars were also affected. Wong Tau City People's Committee Chairman Mr. Guyan Lape said that the statistics have not been completed, the storm no. 9 of 100 trees have broken branches, 40 trees have fallen on the road. Some encovable natives wrapped in the BI front collapsed on the seashore and drowned at the place.

Vice Chairman of Bay Ria-Wang Tou People's Committee Mr. Le Tuan Quoc said that Typhoon No. 9 has not harmed people, but many temporary houses, schools and buildings have been printed. Education and Training Department left the school on 26.11 am and left the school on 27.11.

Due to the terrain, more than 2,000 visitors were transferred to Muey

After noon on November 25, Typhoon No. 9 made 33 submersible ships and 15 small power boats.

20 CVs have been damaged but no damage has been reported. Fu Qi Island, where the first storm number 9 in Bing Thuan, has not caused any significant damage.

Damages Yourself in the Rain - Photo 1

Wang Tau had a series of trees in the city

Picture: Guyan Long

There was a very serious landslide in the resort area in Hum Tin (Muay Tourist Center, Fan Theat City), where the restaurant of Joau's Cafe Resort falls into the sea. According to Guyan Nam Long, Fan Theat City People's Committee, the total length of landslide in the tourist area of ​​Mae Ne-Hum Tian, ​​2.5 km, was lost on many occasions despite permanent shore. More than 2,000 foreign tourists living in landscaping resorts were moved more safely to other places. In the afternoon afternoon, the non-Thuan province has displaced 1880 people (495 homes) on safe places in Fan Theat, Ham Tan and La Gee Town.

Rainfall - Photo 2

Why did Camayenot Thaat Highway lead to the Rann airport?

Picture: Guyan Chung

On the afternoon of the same day, after examining Typhoon number 9 response to LaGi Township and Fan Theat City (Bain Thuan Province), deputy minister for agriculture and rural development, Hong Van Thang – Typhoon, Thiening Fong's Lien Meg Townlet, Ban Thuan Community, landslide area Came to investigate.

Khan Hoa: burned in many places, landslides

Mr. Guyan Van den, director of the Transportation Department of Khan Hoa Province, said that due to heavy rains on the morning of 24, 25.11, the traffic of many roads in the province was deeply submerged. Due to the connectivity of Ranam Ka Ranh Airport, many points reached the height of 0.5 to 1 meter on the Guayain Coast Thaana Highway, making traffic very difficult. On the morning of November 25, there is a cliff slope on the Ku Hin Pass, which can cause traffic to be blocked for several hours.

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Why was the road away from Leap Commune (ie desert city) by way of supply

Photo: cn

According to Dan, the highest serious highway is 9, which connects the desert city with the Khan Khan Mountains. Km In 18, 100 meters from the road, km. There are many severe landslides from 18 to Km28 and if the rain continues, then there is fear of breaking the road; The route is completely paralyzed. Meanwhile, Director of Road Administration III.3 (Road Safety III, Vietnam Road Administration) Ta Thanh Tinh said that on 25 November, Khan Hoa province had many sections on Highway 1 flooding, it is very difficult to cross vehicles. Due to heavy rains, the water level can not reach the water drainage system, and the water extending from the height is sufficient, so the flood route is very fast and the flooded area is 0.5-0.8 meters.

Mr. Guyan Saheh, Vice Chairman of People's Committee at Neha Tang City, reports rain on this time, many landslides in this area, deep floods are seen. Yesterday was late, no damage was reported. Why the Leap Commune People's Committee Chairman (Ryan City) Guy Wayne Cate said that heavy rains caused severe damage to the aquaculture farmers. It is speculated that about 80 shrimp ponds, 50 household slugs are built; Estimated damages of more than 10 billion are estimated.

In the afternoon noon till 25.11, rain continues in Khah Hoa; Alarms 2 has flooded the Kai Nah Trang river and has evolved rapidly.

Flood water damaged North-South Railway

Damage yourself in the rain - photo 4

On November 25th, at 17:00, Thuan Hai Railway Management Company is still recovering from the railway crossing Kong Hye Commune, Thuan Back District (Nih Ha Thuan Province). North-South Railway Traffic Before that, on the night of 24.11, typhoon no. 9 affected the upstream heavy rains, flooded the railway, due to which the earthquake in the 300 meter railroad section by Kong Hye Commune; There, yes

Two parts of about 40 meters went beyond the foundation. By the morning of 25.11, after the flooding, the Tuwan Hail Railway Management Company sent workers, vehicles and materials in the scene to remove the rain due to prolonged recovery. Towels, slow

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Heavy rain in the South Central, South and Central Highlands

National Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting Center (Monner) said that after landfall, Typhoon No. 9 reduced the tropical low pressure. From Beh Thuan to Ba Ria-Wang Tau and going west-northwest, every hour is 5-10 km. Is there. It has been forecast that the NAF will be weak in low-pressure areas in Cambodia.

Due to the effects of tropical depression after low pressure, heavy rains have occurred in the South Madhya Pradesh, the Southern Highlands and Eastern South Vietnam, which expands to the end of November 26, in which 70-150 mm is more than 150 mm; With only 50-70 mm of heavy rain north central highlands and south west.

According to the National Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting Center, due to the influence of cold air associated with east wind disturbances, the provinces of Hanoi have a heavy rainfall from Qiang Tri, November 27, with the average rainfall in Quang Tri, Khanhe hua from 50-80 mm / day; Thua Thien-Hue, Da Nang and Fu Yen receive 80-150 mm / day rain; There is 100-200 mm / day rain in the name of Quang Nam, Kwang Nagai and Bihin Din.

Large and long-running rains will flood the Qiang Tri-Bandh Thuan and the rivers of the southeast and central highlands.

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