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"Hot" during the week: Public opinion "disturbance" because of Asanzo;


"Bose" Asanzo spoke: 70-80% of the hardware of imported television products

Hot in the week: Public opinion

Assanzo Group Joint Stock Company CEO FAAM Van Temm presented the Assembly Process Tables of the panel, loading the software to prove what he said. Photo: Die Vit

On 23 June Asanjo Group Joint Stock Company CEO Pham Van Tam said that Asanso's goal is to bring Vietnamese customers with quality products, airconditioners and reasonable prices.

For that purpose, Assange uses ingredients and materials from local and foreign countries. Combine television and air conditioners, including components and materials from China and Taiwan.

According to Mr. Tam, many of the world's largest electronics manufacturers also import components from abroad. Especially the "heaven" of goods being imported by China Electronics companies.

Currently, 70-80% of Ascono's hardware is imported from abroad, the rest is domestic production. Typically, television software has been researched and produced in Villages.

Explaining the text of the advertisement "Top of Japanese Technology", Mr. Tham states that this sentence means the production line on the factory controlled by Japanese technology. This is a technology transferred by Japanese experts. In particular, this technology will control the flow of products, will control the board's standards and will paint cleanliness … see if they are safe or not.

The Prime Minister asked Atenzo to verify the imported goods of Vietnam's label goods

Hot in the week: Public opinion

The Prime Minister urged the probe, accused of joining other countries on the basis of Asset Signs

The Prime Minister has just commissioned the Finance Ministry – the National Steering Committee 389's Standing Offices for immediate scrutiny and scrutiny of press information for the chairmanship and coordination of the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Trade. Assange Electronics reflects the phenomenon of import products manufactured in other countries labeled as Genuine Stock Company's Vietnamese origin for sale of Vietnamese origin, specifying violations of strict handling in accordance with the provisions of the law. .

Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry and Trade will direct the Executive Agencies (Customs, Market Management …) to review the implementation of state management and will review and clarify the extraordinary works and tasks in this case. Liability according to law.

The Prime Minister told the Ministry of Finance and Industry and Trade to immediately report the above actions and the Prime Minister before the results on 30th July, 2019.

Economic Expert: Do business with Chinese partners, do not put feelings on your head!

Hot in the week: Public opinion

It is believed that Vietnam will be more motivated to diversify its economy into trade war, less faith in China, Mr. Viu tr Thaah said that it is necessary to recognize this issue more deeply.

Dr. The former deputy director of the Research Institute, Via Tran Thanh, operates in the open environment with the outside world, operates a moderate economy (an important part determined by the international agreement, such as free trade agreements), the right to choose businesses, to initiate a co-operation with whom Select markets

Thanah said, "They can understand what they want, who can do it and get the most benefit," Thane said that they do not sensibly take "love and hate" to apply. In trade and investment relationships

Mr. Thanh said: Vietnam – China has very deep economic relations. "There are many thousands of Vietnamese business affiliates in the Chinese market. When doing business with any partner, it is necessary to have a" cold "head.

Say "Hate", who should not cooperate, it is not good to do business with a person. To work from the head, not just the spirit, "Mr. Thanh added: China is a big market. If it is a complete economy, then any enterprise has to make a big market target of these billion people.

Vietnam – The EU is to sign a free trade agreement that brings unprecedented benefits

Hot in the week: Public opinion

This agreement brings unprecedented great benefits to Vietnam and the European Union

EU ministers have ratified the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreements and the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement on June 25 and the agreement will be signed by EU and Vietnamese delegates. Currently on June 30th

Agreement has been signed to encourage labor and environmental protection and fight against European and Vietnamese companies, consumers and workers to bring unprecedented benefits. Climate change under the contract of Paris.

To fully respect the business development needs, the trade agreement between the two parties will be contracted to remove almost all customs obligations for goods traded.

The agreement also has special provisions to overcome technical barriers like car issues and will ensure that 169 traditional European food and beverage products are referred to as instructions. Protect geography in Vietnam.

Thanks to the agreement, EU companies will be able to participate in bidding for buying in Vietnam on a similar basis with local companies.

Vanillac had previously reported jointly damaged VD and 3,000 billion before shareholders' first meeting

Hot in the week: Public opinion

Yanlines registered pre-tax profits in the first quarter of 2019 but still the losses have been reported, during which the earnings have reduced 10% in the same period.

The first meeting of the general meeting of shareholders on July 29, 2019 is expected, after one month the original is expected on June 24th.

Financial reports in the first quarter of the 2019 Valenails show that on March 31, 26,218 billion dungs ​​of total assets in this enterprise (less than 140 billion duners than the beginning of the year) were on. In which, the short-term assets at this time reached 8,717.3 billion Dangs.

In the first 3 months of the year, the responsibilities of V.D. Reduced from $ 106.5 billion to VNDD $ 17,124.8 billion. However, the repayable debt, VND 9, increased by 457.3 billion and exceeded the value of short assets. The word

Despite significant support for the results of the Venylines business, distribution with Vatrainchart, along with the flow of the ship, has not yet "saved" the corporation to avoid damages during the first quarter of 2019.

This was a post-tax loss after VND29.7 billion in Q1 / 2019 and net loss due to the original company was VND57.5 billion, thus forwarding the cumulative loss of March 31, 2019. V.N.D. 2,990.4 billion

The EVA warned about the possibility of a power crisis in many events

Hot in the week: Public opinion

Yes, forest fire leads to the risk of completely separate northern and central – south power systems

According to EVN, the demand for additional load has increased dramatically due to long extended weather conditions in the North and Central regions.

Meanwhile, some thermal power units of the North Coast can not be connected with the capacity of 2000 MW, as many units of gold dong, kam pha and hai phong plants are available for various reasons. , Qang Ninh and Uong Bao suffered the events.

Mung Duong 1 thermoelectricity and Hmong Duong 2 due to the increase in cooling water due to warm weather, thermoelectricity has decreased, and there is a shortage of Wang Ang thermoelectricity coal.

At the same time, large hydropower reservoirs on Da River (Son La and Hoa Binh) are still near the dead water level, so even in the northern region, power source absorption can not meet the demand for load. Maximum transmission capacity of 500 km north-south line

EVN added, on June 28, at 13:00 on June 28, the 500 km of the Da Nang-Ha-Tinh division had suffered from fire due to fire in forest in Megh Thu district of Tha Thien Hu province, which made power supply condition more difficult. . In order to ensure the safe operation of the national power system, the National Power Migration Center was forced to reduce the load on June 28 in some areas of North and Madhya Pradesh.

Mai Chi (Synthetic)

Hot in the week: Public opinion

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