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The VFF officials are running away from the ticket and blocking cars

Safivasi Resid recently won the C's awards trickBest Player, Best Midfielder, Malaysia's youngest footballer in 2018

However, the 21-year-old is still humble, and he said: "I still play in the old game, I still play in the old way, and any player can win and win without the help of the team. The field requires players, family, coaches and support. After winning three awards, nothing changes. "

The ATF Cup in 2018 will be played at My Dale stadium on November 16. This is an important match in the league table. Before the match, the Sabavi resident admits that he will be afraid to play in my din's fire.

The best player in Malaysia came down before my dinaf fire was set.

Sophia Rasid (central) in Cambodia to victory.

The best player in Malaysia in 2018 said: "Laos will have to beat Putin before coming to Hanoi as a guest, while the team is always strong at home."Vietnam is Vietnam's best position, so Laos won the best of Malaysia's performance."

Malaysia's bad start against the 2018 AFF Cup Cup was acknowledged by Saphavi: "Malaysia has made many mistakes in the past and the team have been very difficult, but we are not ready, but the truth is not true.

In 2018 Safavidi Resid is the best score. In the club, he scored 16 goals for Johar Darleh Tazi. There are seven goals in Yuvu Malaysia (Friendship, Yu Yusin, 2018, ASID) at the national level.

In the second round, Savaavi Rasid and his team will take part in the Lions tournament. In the third round, Malaysia will be a guest at the Mills Dilli Stadium on 16/11.

Prior to the uncomfortable journey, the best player in Malaysia - Photo 3.

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