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In & # 39; Heaven & # 39; Buy Land, Tumble 10 Years

Buy land as gambling

"The price of land service in the sky, I do not know", the answer is Ms. Hawa (Baa Deh, Hanoi) is called homeowners every time. In 2008, Hua and her husband, making 1 billion earnings, entered the land services in Duchess. However, at this point, she has not yet identified in any place.

She worries: "The virtual land" is sold without selling more than 50 billion dollars. I just want to keep a lottery to know where a queen Samine is in the ground.

At present, Ho is most concerned about the possibility of "getting more" on the contact with the old owner and the money. Earlier, she also warned a friend about this incident. "Now it costs 100 million to do a & # 39; paperwork & # 39; I can spend, but I do not know at the exact time the last time or not, & # 39; it & # 39; Hundred million more dead … ", she added.

Many plans do not allot land for services (Photo: Tuan Lin)

Many plans do not allot land for services (Photo: Tuan Lin)

Many brokers, people standing by selling "slightly" to land services, but many "Gods" are required to "confuse" because they are encroached on illegally land to throw money in land plots. Buying and selling the land is a complex and risky profession because many legal conditions of land are unclear in many areas. Most households have only percentage receipts for infrastructure and community certificates for the right to avail services.

Ms. Guine Thu Trang (Hai Phong) still ten years ago Anne Khan could not remember the land of services. Currently, its 800 million pound land certification is only handwritten note.

She said that the land of service (about 50 m2) is about 40-70 million. In the hot sauce market, this number has reached 300-350 million / ration, even when one family has sold one billion.

When customers want to buy land for services, biscuits are often found "structural facilities have been completed, many are ready to draw, building houses, self-production, reasonable prices, land notchised, authentic, allotted at the end of the year for complete papers Certified by the area, … ".

Waiting for Land County

After every rumor, the Duck District will go to the district level, the land value of the services will be immediately released. The value of many land plots is at VND27 million / M2, which is also for VD 40 million / M2 for long term land plots in some Communications.

After the decision of the Hanoi People's Committee Chairman, Guayen Duk Chung Sin, in 2020, after the decision of the construction of the district district urban district, once again Duk Land fever can be. However, land prices rise in different areas.

Compared to one year ago, the service land price of 20 million VD and M2 was fluctuated in An Tho Commune. According to the survey, some land plots are sold for VD and 27 million / m2. Here the land service evaluation is of a beautiful geographical location, the time limit for drawing the land is coming, so it is higher than the communities of An Thuung: 14.5 million m2, yen feng: 20. Million VD / M2, Van Feng Commune: 14 million VD / M2

Storks in the district are waiting (Photo: Tuan Lin)

Storks in the district are waiting (Photo: Tuan Lin)

However, the proportion of successful transactions is very less because buyers are still hesitant about buying processes. In it, people were officially granted land in Ann Tho Commune, but a book has not been issued, the buyer can own the land, the Micro Book is considered safe. For other communities, the buyer hands over the paper handwritten contract, but also receives the number of land, will not know the exact position of the land.

After investing in the Howhe Duck land, Anh Hung (investor in Hanoi) is in the hands of almost billions. Two years ago, Duke's land valuation could be a good profit, he decided to invest in the 67M2 land area to 12.5 million M2.

So far, according to the market price, its land value is 31.5 million dosage per square meter. However, no 3-month sales have been asked to buy anyone.

In fact, in the last three years, the land market in this district is still stable, there has been no outbreak, though the price has increased by 2 to 3 times.

Mr. Khan, a Khan, real estate consultant, Be Duk, said that the value of land in the district is given to the district effect, in fact the buyer is not very sweet. Therefore, the price of land has increased greatly but the number of successful transactions is very low.

"If a buyer is very suitable because the present value of the land is not yet more than two years in the new official district, and I advise that buying speculation should not be there as shopping process is still very risky," added the location .

Supported Song Fuun Commune, Ho Duk, said that for several years the land prices did not comply with the rules of supply demand. Generally, if the interest of many people increases naturally according to the market rules. But unlike here, the news of district in the district has increased the prices of land. Therefore, those who take their land, they increase prices through emotions, as a result of which Duk is not fast but hot in fasting. '

Guyain Van Dihe of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association said that although the Dukes are relatively stable markets, there are not many changes. Be used to be slow in the Duke, which indicates that the market is stable, does not break out.

Dinh said, "Duch is a potential market because planning and transport system, urban infrastructure is very good.

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