Saturday , February 4 2023

In Saigon, two "mixed war" drivers scrambled for guests


On August 17, police in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Tan district, investigated that two drivers chased each other using knives and sticks, causing both of them hospitalized in an emergency.

According to the survey, around 8 o'clock that same day, a passenger took a motorcycle taxi, Tran Van Giau – Woo Wen Wen, Ton Tao Ward, Ward, and drove to the corner of Binh Tan District. The paying guest here has two drivers named Hong and Hung (about 50 years old, motorbike driver).

Striking for guests in Saigon Photo Photo 1 Two drivers chase each other horribly.

Which happened in the school.

Later, Driver Hung and Driver Hong argued loudly and knives and sticks went out to chase each other. The incident caused severe injuries to both. People were rushing to take both of them in an emergency.

Strolling for guests in Saigon, Photo Photo 2 causes two drivers to chase each other horribly.

Police are at the scene of the incident.

Upon receiving the news, police were present to inspect the scene, take witness testimony, clarify the cause and provide security cameras to the area.

Police seized weapons, home knives and a piece of related tree in the fight. The case is being investigated.

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