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Inter Milan, Barcelona have reported on the European Cup Tournament


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Two weeks ago, the inter-leg could not challenge Nuevo Campbell's Barcelona. Luciano Sloty coach Luciano Slaliti played well. Leave by field 0-2 This is a sad failure, but it does not break through the spirit and soul of the giants, and it follows the Italian football.

Inter Milan, Barka, European Cup, today's picture
Inter Milan, Barcelona

In the 2018/19 season, Lazio 3-0 and Genova 5-0 in the semi-final will be the best performers in the 2018/19 season. Despite defeating Barcelona in the first half, all competitions in the Inter 9/10 won. In the past, Inter and Pasta has never forgotten that. Netasougi is closest to the Catalan giants in the 2009/10 Champions League semi-final. Coach Jose Mourinho will lead the Italian team. In the past, Inter Grupedo had against Messi as a result of five games against Barcelona. Their result was a failure. (1 win). Finally, Inter always plays well in welcoming the Spanish delegates without avoiding the last 8 encounters at home.

Lionel Messi has been striking four times before the tournament. But Ernesto Walworth was the coach Ernesto Walworth in a 1-0 win at the Coach Cup match. Wolvergoon defeated La Liga 3-2 to lead 1-2 to 87 minutes. . In the previous games, instead of replacing Messi with Rafina, the Spanish manager decided to trust in Debale. Despite the many French talents, they play volleyball. This is the most memorable setting, and the rest 10 is considered to be the best choice at this time.

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Inter Milan, Syria Representatives are very strong and full of representatives. Valsaljo, Venino, Ningongon or Ikkeri all moved to the spell's vacancy. Or the bench tried to win the game by 5-0. Playing the game immediately after the opening vis, the first dangerous situation occurs when the first clock is not available. Captain Icardi used the ball to overrun the Venino Winroe in the penalty area but was rescued by the stegan.

Soon, Barça responded to a long strike shooter, Dimbalin and Handanovich. Rakutty was not the best ball for 12 minutes. The Uruguayan defender hit the midfielder skinner to the left foot. In the 19th minute, Ivan Percyk avamomo (formerly the Juventus Player) went through.

INTER (4-2-3-1):
Sameer Hanovavik; Simi Versaljo, Milan Schenariar, Stephen Durge, Kaufu Aammava; Matthias Venino, Marcelo Browzowic; Mato poletano, radacjinggalan, Ivan penicic; Marrow ekord.
Barcelona (4-3-3): Mark-André Ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Gerard Piqueak, Clement Langlet, Jordi Alba; Ivan Rakic, Sergey Baskets, Arthur; Usman Dembele, Louis Suarez, Philip Koutinho.

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