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"It's so wonderful that they can understand the gun to surrender."


Street photographs of photo photographers are hijacking the Syogon street by foreign photographers, suddenly spreading after 11 years.

In recent days, 11 years ago CSGT photo collection robbers on Siegone's streets suddenly made changes to social networks and quickly attracted people's attention. BPhotographs by photographer Dave Macmillan accidentally caught on the street and he decided to record these moments.

11 years ago the author of CSGT Photo Robbery in Saigon: It's awesome because they can understand Bandit to leave surrender - Photo 1

The photo was taken 11 years ago by a photographer in Saigon. Screenshot.

Against a scene from CSGT in this picture, assurance and robbery robbery threatened to commit suicide. According to the photographer, the courage and conspiracy of the two soldiers left a deep impression on the traffic police with the handling of two armed robbers armed with weapons.

However, the photo was taken in 2007, however, after 11 years, on November 24, 1818, the photographer suddenly changed the entire course of negotiations, immediately surrounded Bandit. On the street of Saigon "Here's how to talk to a violent suspect like a real rule expert!", Photographer wrote.

Photographer Dave McMillan – who has been in Vietnam for 15 years. Picture: NVCC

According to photographer Dave Macmillan, a robbery incident occurred on 9 NovemberOn 23/11/2007, Thai Van Lung Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, were criminals robbers, including criminals knives and knives. After robbing the woman on the road and then fleeing, two robbers were immediately attacked by two policemen, They pushed their motorbikes up and down the road.

On the streets of Saigon, one of the two robbers was robbed by the phone.

One of them quickly came under control, while the other ran away and turned into a street. At this moment, in the same line, the robber pulled the rifle with the neck, threatened the police force, who would commit suicide, if he could not escape. Viewing the robbery, USSGT Bandit is trying to force words to explain in order to surrender.

After posting on the network, handling CSGT photo collection does not just show the brave and brave of CSGT buddies, but the photographer saves the image of life. Old Cigon 1 decade ago

Bandit pointed to the camera: I will commit suicide against this foreign man!

Contact photographer Dave Macmillan, he said that he has 15 years in Vietnam. He learned Vietnamese language and culture before coming here.

"I've been living in Vietnam since 2003, but now I've learned Vietnamese language and culture for almost 30 years. When I was six or seven years old, the first book was about Vietnam. I started studying with Hanoi's strict teacher, the same way I made discipline. In daily life, I always try to learn from the desire to stay in Vietnamese language. You have to understand that I am listening more than speaking and at that time I am like an invisible person. I am old and generally I think that listening is very valuable. "

About 11 years ago, I told photographer Dave McMillon about the set of photos recorded, that when the photos were paid much attention to the people, it was astonishing. At the same time he said The fact that happened a decade ago, but still remembered as an impressive moment.

"When I was in the scene, a young man paused with an air gun and ECG on his neck. To create a camera on the shooting, the object shouted," I will commit suicide. By seeing this subject "the foreign man.", The traffic police forced him to do this, and focused his whole mind to prevent this young man from committing suicide. "

11 years ago the author of CSGT Photo Robbery in Saigon: It's awesome because they can understand the bandit's leave to surrender - Photo 4

This topic points to the photographer that if he is not asked to photograph, he will commit suicide.

The photographer also said that the young man holding the weapon then drew his finger on the camera, "If this foreign shooting does not stop shooting, I will kill myself.". After looking at purposely deliberate things, the photographer sought another person so that the bandits would not be affected by the possession of functional forces, "At that time, I went back to the street to shoot photos from a higher position, so that the arrest of CSGT bandits was not affected."

After that, if the object of continuous knife placement is not present immediately on the neck, threatens suicide

"Cop is one of the most famous law enforcement of all time."Photographer Dave Macmillan remembers what happened 11 years ago.

"The one that I saw was the most heartbreaking moment, and he silenced one's object in place of all his energy and excitement and disappointment. One of the witnesses said that the culprit could not save his life, but it was surprising that the CSA explained this subject to surrender Was there., Australian photographer shared.

CSGT appreciates these memories

Admire you noted moments, Australian photographer carefully saves the series and shares it with everyone. After 11 years, on the occasion of his daughter's birthday, on Facebook and reviewing the photos, the photographer suddenly returned to the photo series.

However, because of his intelligence and persuasion, accepting the sword of the sword

Later on CSSGT He suggested to take the object from the street to the station.

"CMy girlfriend was born in October 2007 and recently she had her birthday so I went through the photos. After reviewing my daughter's memoirs, I saw this photo accidentally. On that day, on November 23, the 11th anniversary of robbery, I decided to reshare it on my personal page. " Photographer Says Dave Macmillan.

After this incident many people in Saigon, focused on monitoring

11 years ago the author of CSGT Photo Robbery in Saigon: It's awesome because they can understand Dandit to leave surrender - photo 9.

At that time the image of the brave CCP was recorded by the photographer. According to Dave, at that time, CSGT knew very well about its shooting, however, it was focusing on explaining the bandit to leave the sword, so the police officer rarely paid attention.

In addition, the photographer also said that after extensive sharing of photos, he has contacted CSGT colleagues – who have deftly defrauded and negotiated the robbers. Gas surrendered 11 years ago

Lieutenant Guignan Dang Than (34 years old), currently working in the Tan Son Nhat Police Station (Road and Railway Police Department, Ho Chi Min City Police). Throughout the 15 years of the investigation, Thanan and his associates often assisted the detainees, hijacked and indirectly involved in the robbery.

Theo Dave MacmillanCaptain place is very interested and appreciates these memories.

Share more with us, because this photographer is favorite in Vietnam because of his close friends. "Wang is going to climb Mount Tau on the most and I'm visiting my friends there, especially what concerns me and I do not fear."

Speaking of future plans, the photographer says that he wants to contribute to make the society better. "I also want to show that the community of people living here is really hard and talented. At the same time, I want to help more Opportunities to find a VietNam student job, so that they can show their capabilities and talents. "Mr. Dave said.

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