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Japan's ambassador for debt is sent by, Vietnam says 'money is available, waiting for approval' & # 39;


Answer the question why the Japanese Ambassador should be asked to stop the Ban Than-Suo Tian metro project due to the position of Planning and Investment Ministry (MPI), "late payment" status. ) On 27/11, Xing confirmed that the money for the project is "already" but the Congress could not be exported so that the Congress could not be passed.

Japan's Ambassador to Vietnam, Gentlemen, wrote a letter to Vietnamese Prime Minister, HCM's party secretary and other ministry leaders, saying that HCM City has "delayed payment" to construction contractors. The advisor has paid more than $ 100 million (till 16 November). This is Railroad, which has been implemented with Japan from 2007, with Audi.

Tuoi Tre newspaper quoted Japan's Ambassador as saying that due to the delay in granting this decision, the project was not considered "very important" by the Vietnamese government since October last year. Investment improvement

It is believed that the metro no. 1 Ben Than-Suo Ti and approved in 2006 by the Vietnamese Prime Minister. Japan signed Audi loan of Japan with total investment for this project in Vietnam in 2007. The initial is 17,000 billion.

However, in 2009, this investment was reconstructed and "capital" was almost three times the VD and 47,000 billion. In particular, Japan's Audi loans are approximately 42,000 billion (88.4%) and the rest of the city's reciprocal capital. This arrangement causes a 6-year suspension due to, being officially recovered until 2012.

HCM City Railway Managing Director Le Guyan Minh Kwang was quoted by New Vietnam as the VDD for the project with the progress of construction in 2017. 5,400 billion will be needed. However, the amount of Audi approved by the central government on 28 April, 1977 was only 2,02 billion VDs and the distribution was not made faster, it led to slow progress.

According to the leader, "The Japanese side is very serious and serious, they have prepared enough, but we have not yet done funding for the project," New Vietnam said.

Meanwhile, the People's Committee of HCM City said that metro no. 1 should have a capital of about $ 28,000 billion, but the MPI has managed only 7,500 billion, resulting in a decrease of 20,500 billion. Since the end of 2016 the city has raised VND3,273 billion, but still is not enough to pay.

Zing, an anonymous MPI leader, said that due to the significant nature of the project and the amount of capital raised for investment, Transport Minister, the Politburo needs to be consulted before submitting the National Assembly.

He asserted that "we have carefully calculated" and "ready for the project," "Congress is waiting for it to be approved".

Ambassador Kuanio said that "the pressure on contractors has reached the limit" and warns that "if these issues are not resolved by the end of December, the project will be forced to stop.

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