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Khan Fuun had no feeling for Quinn Naga after four years

Monday, 07/01/2015 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Showbiz Viet Nam revolves around the stories about love stories, stories about cars on June 6th …

2 years of love, four years of keeping an eye on the face, Khan Fuong has no feeling for Queen Naga

24th hott: 4 years after Khaah Fugha's face, I lost the spirit with Quinn Naga

Earlier, Khan Fuong always denied the rumors that he loved Quinn Naga. However, recently Khan got the opportunity to meet Fuong, he admitted to us that he loved Queen Naga for more than two years.

Explaining the ignorance of public opinion, Khan Fuong said: "You know, our artists are very quiet and do not want to talk about things, people think that we are interested. I and Queen Naga I am in love for more than 2 years.

Khaun Fuong said that after getting a full-blown car, the Queen is missing from the show, and returned to look after her family. After the unfinished love, the singer still chose to be good friends with the old.

However, after splitting with Quinn Naga, he did not see it once in four years.

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Sexy photos were released by "Money Money by Assistant Assistant, Kwang Tee", fans found unexpected truths

24th hott: 4 years after seeing Khana Fungus face 2, lost the emotion with Quinn Naga

Hot Girl and Actress My Rabbit took part in many Tate comedies. She was called by the nickname "Qing Tao Secretary" after her role in the comedy. Currently, My Rabbit is doing business and acting as MC.

Recently, he suddenly announced that many people would be surprised by being pregnant for 8 months. Prior to that, on the personal page, fans still see my Rabbit very sexy, thin waist, compact shape.

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The 42-year-old actress and her husband will see their daughter on the flower daughter

24h Hot: Khaw Fugh lost face with quinn naga 4 years after watching face 3

Actress Hoang Yen is known by many roles that moves on Vietnamese screens. She considered it a special talent to mark the success of these roles. Actress married for the first time at the age of 18, her eldest daughter Yang Mac Yan May 25, is a young woman at the age of 25.

Meanwhile, her second daughter, Yen Minha, was born in 2001 and at the age of 17 she is a beautiful young woman. The third daughter is an ordinary child at the age of her current husband. 1 year old

After recovering from vertebrate surgery, the actress also announced that she would welcome a big family event. The fact is that Lunar will take the flower farm raised by the New Year to her husband's house.

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Hot 9x female master with quogue yes "dating friendship"?

24th Hot: 4 years later the Khana Fung lost the feeling without seeing her face with the Queen Naga

In the last days of 2018, the singer Qing Yo was suddenly focused when she posted a lot of images by placing a beautiful girl in the west on her personal page.

In response to relatives' concerns about the mysterious girl, Qing Haa did not hesitate to answer her as "girlfriend". When the fans left congratulations and praised both of them, the singer commented "very much thank you".

Recently, after a show in Ho Chi Minh City, we got an opportunity to meet Kwang Hahn. At this time, the singer shared an open rumor about pregnant women.

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Yes Ho Kim talked about the photo of his hand on "sovereignty advocacy".

24h Hot: Khaw Fugh lost the spirit with Quinn Naga after 4 years without looking at the face

The first lady singer Kim Lee, who was talking about the picture, was said to be "strongly sovereign": "To tell the truth, often when I feel very much in reading articles written about me, title for women is very disadvantageous.

They told me that "yes is so enthusiastic", but like a picture I put his hand on my arm, he was also pimples, "yes yes, guaranteed sovereignty."

Recently, I'm rarely posting my photos, instead taking photos with many people. But somehow, it has still been speculated that Ho Ngoc Ha demonstrates this, many people are misunderstood. "

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24 h Hot: Audience 2 MC

Shobeys gave a goldline award to the gold ball in Vietnam in December 2018 on December 23.

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