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Kids make 9 x to earn money by eating grass, drinking water

Sunday, 06/01/2016 15:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Born in 1990, there are about 100 fields to be thankful for Su Sinh Village (Boo mou commune, Thuan Chu District, Son La Province), promoting the benefits and potentials available in the local area. Mountain goat meat By increasing the specifications, they only eat this grass and drink this water but every year, Zone VD.D. Earns more than 150 million earnings.

More than 3 hours after the companion's "Iron Horse" crossing Zygusge Road, we were present in Tuan Chou district to learn about specific examples of progressive farmers in Boeu Community Commune, Thuan Chou District. Poverty is difficult to prevent from agricultural production in 2018.

We welcome the welcome of Mr. Low Van Thuong, Chairman of the Boeing Commune Farmers Association, and we went to the zonnial house. They get meats for goats and try to play and try to strangers, zones hold hands with happy faces, such as other relatives who have long been away from them to meet.

Girls confirm that 9x children get money by eating grass, drinking more water - 1

Commercial Goat Farming, Sue The zone has copper and copper which covers its life.

After inviting us to pour cold, clear glass water from the stream of water from northwestern northwest, Zoya said: "Over the year, people know only here" by selling face to the ground, selling their backs ", the cashew tree is so poor that it still continues Is and continues. My home is also one of them ".

"Despite seeing the huge land and being hungry, I continued to think about it, but I still could not find a way to solve this problem. I think that in order to help people change their thoughts and ways to prosper, we first get confidence To do it successfully, "- said the zone.

After struggling with difficulties and difficulties for many years, seeing a mountain goat farming model for high economic efficiency, the zone and her husband went to visit some of the district's fields and some other neighboring districts. Learn Goat Breeding Techniques

Girls earn 9x by eating grass and drinking water - 2

Sue Zone, one of the members of a special farmer in a good emulation farmer's movement in Boo mou community.

After understanding the experience, Zone and her husband destroyed corn fields and increased elephant to grow goats to grow grass. To invest in stables and to purchase breeding animals, Zoyan has been appointed as the VDO from Thuan Chau District Social Policy Bank. Borrow 50 million. In early 2018, having capital with the capital borrowed from friends and relatives, Zoya bought 80 goats of roughly 10 kilos and returned to collect them.

After 5 months, Zoyan Hurds of her goats were always careful to be fat and healthy. With the first sale of waste, with an average weight of 25-30 kg / head, the sale price VND is 130,000 to 200,000 / kg, the zone collects nearly 300 million VD and 300 million. After deducting expenses, Mrs. Zoën VD.D. Profit of 150 million After success, after the first batch, continued to buy around 100 children to increase the zone.

Girls make sure that 9X earns money by feeding grass and drinking plain water - 3

"Mountain goat meat gives good quality, so it is convenient by many customers, going to the Tate festival, Goat's price is more than 200 thousand V & A and more" – Zone knows more.

Zoyan said that mountain goats only process natural meals, good quality of meat and many recipes, so the output is very convenient, in addition to selling restaurants in the district and some other neighboring districts, traders often buy stables.

Zawn's goat system is divided into 3 stables: the 1st cages are about 10 kg goats; Towards up to 15-20 kilograms; 3 Cages for fertility batches are ready for sale of 25 to 30 kg of weight.

According to Zoan, in mountainous areas with vast land, plenty of food, available water sources, goats are ubiquitous, so it is easy to take care, it is necessary to cut grass just to eat goats. In order to grow and grow goat's flock, it is essential to pick a nice breed to buy at the prestigious address. Next, attention should be taken on the time of prevention and cleaning of the oceans and the cleaning period of reproduction facilities.

In addition to fodder from the forest and elephant meadows, for better appetite and high resistance, Zoa added corn bron and salt to provide all essential trace minerals.

Girls make sure to earn 9x by making them eat grass and drinking water - 4

The zone is preparing to sell a strong, healthy goat hard.

By looking at the Goan Phoenix Goat, everyone praises this Thai girl for its prosperity. Once upon a time, one of the most difficult homes in the village, but with hard work and hard work in his youth, Ms. Canyon has become a better home.

By successfully making the goat farms, many houses in Sanh village have changed the ways of doing commodities like agriculture, agricultural production and zones.

Zune's hard work still does not go on 100 goats. To increase revenues, Zoyan also raises 5,000m2 coffee and 30 mango trees; 6 cows and over 100 chickens and swan grows up.

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