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Kin Hoi Phuong Long sleeping in the hospital


Two episodes of "ancestors of the Vietnamese people" surprisingly surprised. In addition to the sweet moments between Hui Fuong and Dive Kine, there are strong steps to disturb the audience.

Even though he knew his boyfriend was hurt, he did not know how to keep his health. Hoi Phunong was charged with him. Dinhu told the delegates. The conversation in the room is unlikely to be recorded, and Huai Fuong does not hesitate to express his emotion with the boyfriend of the boyfriend. After Dua Kenya's words she understood and sank down.

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Captain Du Kane did all his powers and tried to take it to the recording room (at the MRI room in the hospital), but it did not yield. Mark is stubborn and does not disclose information. And he ran away.

Duncan himself had to face the NH1 team to complete the plan. He left the hospital without permission from Huai Phuongong. For about two hours later, the fugue ward was not there. Captain Doon was quick to bowl.

In the evenings of 12/11, Hoi Phuong-ku Couples ended in love and affection. Lutante du Kine is admitted to a hospital and Hoi Phunong comes close to the side and both sleep and sleep fall into sleep.


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On another occasion, Minh Nooh also visited Do Kens and met the injured with Bao. Even if both of them do many miracles, they do not accept both. There is no one to dare to cross the wall together.

They both said that they had been broken and that officer intended to follow Ba'are hue admiral. Dai Kyaan ba hu minu was advised to follow, because her life was waiting for her.

Episode 43, 44 1818 Saturday November 17 VTC3 Sports & Entertainment Cultural Channel and VTE TV will be broadcast on Saturday.

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