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Live Football Asian Cup, Qatar

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 18:12 PM (GMT + 7)

(Live football, Qatar – Iraq, 23 January, 22 January, round 1/8 Asian Cup) Qatar is currently the only team from the start of the tournament and has scored 10 goals.

Live Football Asian Cup, Qatar - Iraq: The Terrible Power of Qatar - 1 0 – 0 Live Football Asian Cup, Qatar - Iraq: The Power of Qatar - 2
Qatar Iraq

Qatar has been very good at the start of Qatar with three complete victories in the group stage, while the team soon after the two matches against Iraq went ahead in the group stage and won the draw against Iran. However, because of the good form of Qatar striker Alejos Ali, Iraq will think a lot about defensive options.

Live Football Asian Cup, Qatar - Iraq: The Power of Qatar - 5

Qatar has admitted without having scored 10 goals in the group stage

Ali has scored 7/10 goals in Qatar, and there is a good satellite support with Akram Afif and Pahela Hassan al-Haedros and Tarek Salman in attendance. Qatar crafts are equally impressive when they do not accept the target, but generally the aggressive front is the first thing that Iraq must pay attention.

There may be many options to run in Iraq, but it will be difficult to defend against Qatar's aggressive power and if the queue runs for 90 minutes, then it is not a bad result.

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(20:00, 22/1) Son Hang Hi is Korea's biggest inspiration.

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