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Live League City Shaktar in the Champions League 2018/19



Dil Silva fell ill with Ilke Gundogon. Germany returns after a wound, occasionally a city needs a schedule.


ANDOOO! Gabriel Jesus!

In the second sentence, Jesus cheated goalkeeper Pathah. He pushed high Piotao to see whether there was a possibility of blocking the direction of the ball.


Penalty in Man City!

Man City won the second penalty in this match. David Silva hit the ball and Stanenko blocked him.


Shakhrur's midfielder was the worst performer of the Tasman Shuttler. It is a lighter and non-target state. Clearly, Tassan does not have a better plan than that.


City play is good. But they took a firm stand. In today's game, Shakdar has not created a real danger.


Daniela reached for Cail Vader. Coach Pep Guardiola is in the process of keeping big players in front.



David Silva grabbed the ball well for Jesus. However, the ball went down the ball. However, the Brazilian striker offside at this ball.



Bernardo Silva has a disaster. Defending champion Shakutar broke out when he broke the Portuguese and overcame the goal. Blue Man does not play players who bow to bowl ball ball.


David Silva is a title that has stopped the parents. Sponsors are penalized. Referee quizai decided not to give more punishment to the owner of the house.


ANDOOO! Rahim sterling!

Sterling faced a particular situation by defeating two players in front of the penalty area. Going to the English shot 's shot corner, Picot shot.

Two start! The two groups did not change after the break.

Close a condition! Referrals do not make any competition in any additional time. In the first half, the city took full advantage of the city. Unexpectedly, the Pep Guardiola team will be able to achieve this achievement and win the Champions League knockout round.



The Man City still has the opportunity to consume tables, though not too heavy to play. Gabriel had a condition for Jesus to end Bernardo Silva. But the ball reached the bar as the parents of the visitors.


Man City is playing hard, they have a clear power. On this weekend, Pep Guardiola's team will have to face the United Fremick League, a very important game for Premier League defense this season.


The Shaktar region was started. Unfortunately, the players are not defensive. That is why Shakhtar's attacks are vague and explosive. The Ukrainian delegation will have to wait for the Polo Phoenoos coach to make better adjustments to the second pack.



Jesus had the opportunity to meet the opponent. But he did not hesitate to leave the defender to work in a narrow angle shot. Finally, even on Brazilian striker's shot krwitsz has not even surpassed.


The game is still full of the city. With the victory of two goals, the victory in the Green Man's hands is uncertain. They are playing well enough to win more goals for their opponents.


ANDOOO! Gabriel Jesus!

Penetov understood the goalkeeper's instructions and made a double goal in The Man City.


Penalty in Man City!

Defender Matviyenko dribbled the sterling ball and left the back. However, when looking at the slow tape, Shakya's Defender City does not see any influence in the city. This is Stirling's own ball and he has been refuted by referee Victor Koshy.


My shouting!

City of Peteov Goalkeeper passes the wrong pass and create a dangerous opportunity. There are six players in the Shakar region and Man City players are no longer available. Unfortunately, it is unfortunate that the enemies are doing rescue operations.



Benalla Silva's goalkeeper attempts to get a shot outside the piotov penalty area. But this shot is not very difficult, it is not a goal for citizens.


ANDOOO! David Silva!

Shah Rukh Khan's defensive Riaz Maheres is on the right hand side of the right wing. The Algerian pass was complete. David Silva's work was just an open goal.


Man City paid!

Man City was the first to get the shots shortly after Shakur was given an opportunity. Xinchino Pant Gabriel carried Jesus to the header. However, goalkeeper's goalkeeper did not get this blow.



Shakutar got an opportunity to score the first goal. A gap to the junior motorsmith said Matvi Genco. Ederson could not hold the ball, but the goalkeeper still took control.


Today Shaktar is going to the Ittihad Stadium. Only one goal. They will become a great defender and will not coordinate their attacks in the middle of the pitch.


Hit for the first minute in the city. However, homeowners do not disclose injuries because the carrier has a relatively tight defense alignment.

Get started! The Shaktar team is a former service.

Failed to score in the first half
In the last six games he scored four goals in the first half and Shakutar was sixth in the last eight games of Donetsk. This is the basis for believing that the next encounter between the two teams is tainted goals in the first half.

Notable statistics before the Shakhtar Donetsk match:

Man City has won three league matches in the Champions League.
– Shankar never played a Champions League match in England.
She played 24 shots in the 0-3 defeat to Shaqdar Man City. Most of the matches were held (since September, 26 shots).
Three home grounds were lost in Man City CEO. Score 1-2 (Basel, Liverpool and Lyon).
If defeat to Shakutar, the European Cup will be the first English team in the history of Manchester City in 4 matches.
Aguero is the best golfer in the world since the launch of Manchester City in 2011 from David Silva (15, 7 goals and 8 goals).
– In the European Cup the Ukrainian teams never won in England (28 matches, 6 won 22).
The Brazilian players have won 21 of their best 22 goals in the Champions League.

User strength:

City: Bravo, The Bruini is injured.
Shakhtar Donetsk: Thaison, Oratez, Malishv injured.

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