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M Van Thoong: A & # 39; safe landing & # 39; link to handle corruption. There is no concept of. News

On November 26, Dr. Van Thuang and Bo Zhuang Thong met deputy chief of Vinh Quay, deputy head of the delegation of the National Assembly delegation to the province of Dang.

In the meeting, Vinh Kuy voters reflected the delegation on the hot topic of the area such as the erosion of the roads, the infrastructure is not guaranteed, the execution of the execution affects the people. It is difficult for people to process applications for people with merit, who want to get compensation for land acquisition at lower prices, to increase revenue, to convert perennial industrial crops from rice fields to perennials.

Apart from this, voters are also interested in many major issues in the country, such as economic development; Dealing with corruption, corruption; There are still many insufficiency.

Before reacting to voters, Wau Van Thoong said that he was elected deputy head of Dong Nai province, which was in charge of three areas: H. New Trach, Long Than and Bian Hoa

Due to contact with other local residents to obtain more status, the representatives of the Regional People's Committees have arranged to contact them with Vinh Quetu. Despite the rainstorm, voters H. due to the influence of the storm Vinh Kua thanked the voters, but the voters were still suffocating enough time.

For local issues being reflected in the voters, Mr. Van Thung instructed the local leaders to hand over the cadres to the people, if the voter, if any government is true, explains. I understand, if the government is not okay, not enough, but wrong, then it must be updated in a timely manner.

In the fight against corruption, Mr. Van Thuong said that in the past, the party and the state have pointed out to find very restricted and closely, where there are no restricted areas. , There is no position "slightly above, slightly above"

Mr. Wo. Vans Thuong: The & # 39; Safe Landing & # 39; No idea - Photo 1

Vs. Van Thoong spoke to Vihu Kua (Dong Nai) voters.

Picture: Le Lam

M Van Thuong said: "If we follow, then we have behaved very seriously with the members of the Politburo, the Secretary of the provincial party committee, the Minister, the deputy minister … Central Committee members … reputable, retired, present holding positions, retired And lies are also conducted together, there is no concept of landing safely. In the military, in the police, the areas that have been used so far The drug is not operated now. "

For better prevention of political ideology, morality and anti-corruption, Mr. Van Thung said that the government needs people's supervision.

Because those people who know best, most of the parties, in their own area, know the most clearly in the area of ​​their good or bad people, which show signs of recession, which are corrupt.

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