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Mayan Fuong Thu Now Focus came to the stage to confuse: Truth came back

Monday, 07/01/2016 15:26 PM (GMT + 7)

My Fuunung Thun is called by Netizens for the romance for "acting" with Newton but truth is completely opposite.

While shooting for Muay Fuong Thu, Noo Fuku confused with the clip to take the stage to hug Thing.

Recently, there is talk of shaking with the clips of Miss Mieung Thu and Nu Fouk Thinh on the social network, due to which the leaders argue.

Accordingly, when she appeared as a guest in the event held on the evening of 5th January, Mayan Fuung Thu showed love of being "very" for Fox Thing. In particular, when "Boyfriend" is confusing to sing, the warm beauty goes on stage to accept the kiss.

Many netizens ask that my loved one likes to love and does not know how much he loves, but hundreds of people choose to express in public beforehand.

Mayan Fuong Thu Now Focus came to the stage to confuse: Truth came back - 1

My Fuong Thu Nayu Fuku Thing came to the stage to sing: Truth came back - 2

Confirms who is in My Fountain Thu Clip

Others claim that Ma Fuung is sensitive, and is intentionally "overdoing", "deep acting" and "trick" in relation to the famous male singer.

At the same time, fans of My Fuong Thu and friends shared the photo by taking part in the "storm" commentary. Specifically, due to the clip being annoying by the friend, My Fuong immediately confirmed that she was determined to attend this event due to the fact that Nuku Fokko was there.

Mayan Fuong Thu Now Focus came to the stage to bathe: The truth is sung - 3

Mayan Fuong Thu Nayu Fuku Thing came to the stage to sing: truth comes back - 4

She accepted accepting the nun on stage

Meanwhile, MC Thaung – also known as "husband" by My Fuong Thu in a confident confidence group, also comments on jealousy. He also expressed himself as a "salt waving" when he saw My Fuong Thuo Nou at the moment. In response, Miss Miss continued laughing: "Just keep glue".

After Clip Mai Fuunung Thu, Nou Focco Thanhne got "social causes" social network. In the last event some audience presenting this incident declared the unexpected truth about the conversation of two main characters.

Accordingly, My Fuunung Thun has been run by an overstated guest on stage when Nou is performing. According to courtesy, Miss gave an intimate song to a singer, and then Nu proceeded to his seat.

When My Fuong returned, she returned to the stage to show her a very professional look. Without affecting the guests and the organizers, the whole situation is unexpectedly and very fast. Therefore, criticism for the lack of forecasts and My Fuong Thu for previous Neigins is a lack of grounds.

Earlier, Nu Fuoka Thanh and My Fuong Thu had constantly questioned the suspected people. Both look closely with each other. Despite participating in a wedding party, male singers do not hesitate to gesture closer to the kiss than to kiss My Fuong Thuni Gal.

Mayan Fuong Thu Now Focus came to the stage to tinker: Truth came back - 6

However, the nature of the story differs from the chat network

In 11018, online chat with No, and Foss was also shocked by a public opinion when he and Mrs had confirmed the relationship ever. Currently, according to male singers, both still love good friendship and mutual love.

Speaking with us, My Fuong was still happy and funny when rumors revealed shocking secrets. Before the current emotional question, when the sound comes, Mai Fuong Thu said, "Well, let me dive."

For reasons not known as Noo Fuku, Miss Vietnam 2006 confirmed: "How do I ask how NOW works?" What he says, I follow. I'm good and listen to Nune. "

Hanoi's beauty declared that she and the sound "Dreamers" knew each other from spring time. "We recognize each other as brothers, maybe they are my uncle, but for a few years, my uncle admits," Thu added. After my noises, my fuong said that she and Noo are usually talking regularly and regularly.

Mayan Fuong Thu Nayu came to the stage for the folk song that was sung: The truth came back - 7

Noo Phondoka and My Fuung, asking continuous questionable questions

My Fuong Thu in her life said that Nu Fouka was interested in Thiha and advised her: "If I go to eat or play, Nou will drink beer for me, because Nou told me to be a beautiful queen to keep imagination, But I did not give it to me, "said the first beautiful woman with interesting information for the reporter.

In addition to the above, My Fountain does not want to talk more about Tui related problems because she wants to stay calm and enjoy life in her life.

"I want to stay home to talk about a beautiful beauty and other people, when I am the main character, how my story is made. Indeed, creating a beautiful beauty at home is not easy," it is funny.

Nou Fouka Thinh, Ma Fuung Thu suddenly called her husband as her husband

Miss My Fuong Thu made Netis curious while calling her husband, and sued the person with his wife.

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