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My trunk on the Hong Kong situation & # 39; Battle & # 39;

US Central Battle of Hong Kong Situation - Photo 1.

President Trump called in peace and controlled new developments in Hong Kong – Photo: REUTERS

Mr Trump on August 14 speculated on Twitter "adding fuel to the fire" that China would take drastic action before the protests in Hong Kong.

The American president said, "US intelligence information told me that the Chinese government was trying to force the army closer to the Hong Kong border. People should calm down and consider security," the US president said.

Chinese state media earlier this week released a video showing thousands of Chinese armed police and riot-armed vehicles assembled "for rehearsal" in Shenzhen.

In another statement, arriving in New Jersey state on August 13, the US president described the incident in Hong Kong as "difficult and complicated," but hoped the incident could be resolved easily and without dumping. Blood.

"Many people are blaming the US and me for what is happening in Hong Kong. I don't really understand why," Mr. Trump continued to express anger on Twitter.

On August 13 (U.S. time), a series of U.S. senators warned of the consequences if "Beijing interferes with Hong Kong's situation", according to Reuters. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin said that if China is strong with opponents and criticizes Mr Trump on Hong Kong issues, the American parliament will take action.

"President Trump was unequivocal in announcing that the United States would be with Hong Kong people in defense of freedom and human rights. He excused China from suppressing opponents." Mr. Cardin criticized.

US Central Battle of Hong Kong Status - Photo 2.

August 13 Gust evening with Hong Kong police at Hong Kong airport

At the same time, Republican Senator Marco Rubio said, China's military information is centered around Hong Kong and it urges Trump to be even tougher.

On August 12, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also warned China that any violent action against Hong Kong protests would be "completely unacceptable". Received. "These statements then echoed President Nancy Pelosi's response, marking a few moments when Democrats and Republicans share the same voice.

In response to all of the above, in a statement issued at the end of the 13th GST, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kuhua Xuan Ouan continued to ask the United States not to interfere with the country's affairs. This.

Beijing has previously accused the United States of being behind the protests in Hong Kong – something Washington Washington denied. Ms. Hoa stressed the statements of American MPs as "new and strong evidence" for it.

"They disregarded the truth, white-black and painted violence served as a beautiful struggle for human rights and liberty. The United States should take better care of its own affairs. Hong Kong is not your story," the Foreign Ministry representative of China said.

Severe collision at Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post (SCMP) newspaper said on August 14 Gust that police had returned from Hong Kong airport after an "unprecedented" clash with protesters.

US Central War on Hong Kong Situation - Photo 3.

Chinese man accused of being "submerged police" by emergency forces from Hong Kong airport after several hours of arrest – Photo: Reuters

In the event of a tension between the two parties, the mainland is 13-8 against one person. Protesters arrested, tied his arms and legs and beat him, accusing him of being a secret Chinese police officer. They searched their luggage inside the airport check-in area and found a T-shirt with the words "I Love Hong Kong Police" written in Mandarin Chinese.

When questioned by the engine, he said he had just traveled to Hong Kong to meet his friends. According to the SCMP's description, when the police were forced to "rescue" the mob, protesters stopped the medical force from approaching the man when he showed signs of panic and stupidity.

Ho Tche Tien, chief editor of People's Daily's China Global Times newspaper, confirmed that the person subjected to the drowning police officer was indeed a journalist for the newspaper. "Reporters Newspaper Fu Guoho was rescued by the police and taken to the hospital. "We'll still learn more about his condition," Ho Tich Tien wrote on Twitter.

China deployed armed vehicles China deployed an armed vehicle from Hong Kong

Chinese media have released a video showing a scene of a Chinese armed police in Shenzhen City. However, experts said this may be a "psychological war" tactic that forced Hong Kong's opponents.

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