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"Mysteries" in Hafefang have 10 children with mental illness in the disciplined family

Tuesday, 04/12/2018 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

Experts in the field of mental illness have clarified "mystery" that there are 10 family members who have mental illness in Hai Phong.

Are three-generation families crazy?

The story of 10 children from Madame Guggen (74 years) in Hai Phong City can not help many people bring pity. Older children, their grandfathers are dealing with healthy mental illness, making their mother old as a broken gut.

About 10 families with mental illness in Hai Phong

Mrs. Hano is located at Home Da Nang Street (Nago Queen District, Hai Phong City).

None of Mrs.'s 10 children are "missing", they do not contact for a long time; 3 people living in Vaish Maa mental health clinic; A man who knocked on the center of the mud; After the treatment of the disease in the south, one person earns a living.

The only one living with them is Mrs. Young Fam Thie Bitch (SN 1983). Ms. Bitch is also mentally ill but is lighter than his brothers and sisters. One year she has been at home for a few months and then for the treatment of a psychological hospital. Relief, doctors go home for treatment and medication.

Mrs. Neha's house is being purchased for 3 gold trees with Da Nang's cigarette. Especially, it was crazy before buying two landlords again. The coincidence that many people speculate, the mysterious embroidered

About 10 families with mental illness in Hai Phong - 2

Mrs Bong lives with psychiatric illness, with her youngest sister Pham Thi Bich.

But in a conversation with the bitch, we were told about family biography. It is not an accident that his sister's 10 brothers and sisters are crazy but this is the third illness.

Her family has two previous life crazy people. First, her grandmother, then, she also suffered a mental illness and had to go to the hospital for a long time.

"Her grandmother inherited her (MS No-PV), after she cured the disease, she (her husband) got married. She gave birth to 10 children and then became insane," she said to her bitch.


Mrs. Bitch has a mild mental illness. When awake, what he still remembers in the past.

Actually, the words of meditation got me uncomfortable. I asked him again, he confirmed that fact too. However, the words of "crazy" are not out of my atheism

"Mystery" is slowly revealed

To find answers to these doubts, I asked Sue, director of the Vince Bao Mental Health Clinic. Tran thi neen contact Hien confirmed that the center feed and care for its three children.

According to Hien, the medical reports of her children in the center when she was hospitalized due to chronic schizophrenia by Hai Phong Mental Hospital.

"Our center is not responsible for mental health professionals, but is responsible for managing, caring and caring for people with mental illness. However, from what I have learned, children of MS Howe are mentally disturbed due to genetic factors.

I do not show the courage or mental illness in his previous life, but to say that his children have mental illness or the earth is superstitious. I do not trust, "she said.

Dr. Thanh Fuung – Deputy Director of Central Psychiatric Hospital Photo by Le Fouung

I told this story. Continue to Thanh Fuong – Deputy Director of Central Psychiatric Hospital, Mr. Fuong, is surprising about these special circumstances.

The deputy director of the central psychiatrist's hospital rejected the view that her children were mad because of ghosts or evil.

Dr. Fueng also said that all 10 children of mental illness are probably due to genetic factors.

"If you have had any previous disease, then the next life may be inherited." Mental illness is similar to other diseases like diabetes, cancer. There are genetic factors, although rates are not high but it's not going to happen, "Dr. Fueng analysis.

My house's close-up watch Hai Fong has 10 crazy kids

The couple bought a house for more than three gold, but moving from here, 10 children …

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