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Nah Fuong was surprised because it was very attractive compared to the gentle beauty

Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 15:14 PM (GMT + 7)

Despite being pregnant, Nahu Fuong is brilliantly beautiful.

Neither Fuunge was a surprising cause because his face was still thwarted, more beautiful than a girl - 1

Nah Fuong looks shocking to the beautiful people.

Nah Fuong's latest image shocks a lot with beautiful, young, big eyes, simple white skin. Despite being a married girl, her beauty has become more and more young, making many fans. Mrs. Truong Giang always enjoys the love of fans because of her gentle and feminine beauty.

Despite the envelopes, the face of Neuh Fuong is still fragile, the pink skin color is with gorgeous lines. This is a difficult thing because often pregnant women gain weight fast, the face becomes more ointment or acne is inevitable. Therefore, skin care is important.

Neha Fuong was surprised because Gaud was still tapped, beautiful than the girl - 2

Despite the last month's envelopes, the silent face of a pearl girl in the film village

Nah Fuong expressed surprise because his face was still fragile and beautiful even though his daughter-3

No, Fuun expressed surprise because his face was still lower than his daughter-4

Nah Fuun once shared about his beauty secrets, in which there are 4 steps: skin cleansing, masking, applying cream and keeping the inside care. During the skin care, the first step cleans the skin. Due to the nature of the work, I often have to wear makeup. Although choosing a make-up is a light, clear, weak skin still "hidden" under the lipstick during working days. When returning home, Naha Fouung worked as the first makeup remover and cleared her face. She added that she is not a pinky person in beauty. Not to mention, time funding is very limited, so it always aims to the easiest and effective care methods.

With masking, no fouguns prefer sugar-free yogurt. Occasionally, while bathing, mix honey, turmeric, green tea powder, and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. Regularly maintain 2-3 times / week, the skin will be fresh and full. This is also a safe beauty method for pregnant women through masks

"In parallel with the skin care, I focus on eating. When people are sick, the skin is not beautiful when there is a shortage of substance. Therefore, I always provide enough vitamins and minerals for the body, many vegetables eat. , Fruits, even when weight loss. I drink 2 liters of water every day, I am scattered in the day and scattered throughout the day to penetrate the skin. " – No, Fuong said.

No, Fuun expressed surprise because his face was still more beautiful than his daughter, 5

Just 15-30 minutes a day, and pay attention to the skin, you'll get what you want.

No, Fuun wear a loose, unclear character wearing a second number

After marrying Truong Giang, no-Fuun often lays loose and comfortable dresses.

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