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Netherlands: Giant War Theater, Semi-Final Stamps (Women's World Cup) Choking -H 24h Football


Sunday, June 30, 2019 00:06 AM (GMT + 7)

(Football videos, football results, Italy – Netherlands, Women's World Cup quarterfinals 2019) Italy and the Netherlands are the major European football teams. The clash of these two teams in the Quarter-finals of Women's World Cup 2019 is an inappropriate war screen.

Dutch women's 2019 World Cup quarterfinals are happy with Italy. Tulip Country team won all the four matches from the start of the tournament. In contrast, Italian also made an icon, but lost to Brazil in the group stage. Therefore, the Netherlands is slightly more than its European equivalent.

Italy - Netherlands: Great War Screen, Semi-Final Tickets (Women's World Cup) - 1

Italy (blue shirt) and the Netherlands play an extremely dramatic game

However, in view of the quarter-final match many views did not take place. Italy is elastic in virtual variation in defense, speed, and attack. So, in the first half, despite the Netherlands playing well, it was still unable to break Italian defense, which is famous for its best defensive ability.

However, in the final stages Italian body mass was laid. In the 70th minute, Madamea did well after the team got the first goal. Unable to defend any more, the Italian forwarded the composition and declared the distance in the rear. In the 80th minute, Van Der Gregt won a 2-0 win for the Netherlands.

After all, the Netherlands defeated Italy 2-0, and won the Women's World Cup semi-finals in 2019. His opponent in the semi-finals was the winner of the German women's team who visited Sweden.

Final score: Italy 0-2 Netherlands (H 1: 0-0)

Score goals

Italy: Media 70 & # 39 ;, Van der Graf 80 & # 39;


Italy: Giuliani, Gamma, Guigney, Bartoli, Lennari, Serioia, Galley, Jugeliano, Bonasi, Jiaquinti, Bergaschchi

Netherlands: Van Veenendaal, Van Der Gragt, Van Dongen, Spits, van de Donck, Van Littren, Grøne, Bloodwort, van de Sandon, Martens, Medea

France - USA: The last minute drama, breaking the ticket for the semi-finals (Women's World Cup)

Both teams have offered amazing matches to the audience until the last minute.

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