Saturday , January 16 2021

News of the girl suffering from young youth, brutally kill Law

According to the report, on January 16 night, women's cashier, H.H. 2 A locked room was locked in a kiosk when a group was seen in the name of the clothing store at the Lin Dam Building (Hong Light). About 4 young people go by the teaser. The girl responded, a young man caught her hair and smashed the victim's head in the door. Do not stop there, this group of people chases and kicks the victim's stomach …

"When this incident was detected, the staff of the staff intervened but threatened him. After N. was admitted to hospital in a panic," the clothing store employee said.

The latest information related to this incident, on January 21, Guain Thi H. (Victims of Ho BN – 22 years old, resident of DH Cong, Hoang Mai, Hanoi victims) said that currently, N continuously expresses it. Currently chest pain, headache, breathing difficulties, … So on the same day in the morning the family brought the psychiatry department to Baihe Mhi Hospital for health check-up.

Mrs. H. According to, this morning, N. did not speak and had more severe symptoms and the doctors were appointed early in the afternoon. In addition, N, after brushing his teeth, his teeth were broken and his mouth broke out, so he could not say much, yesIt is also difficult to drink.

Besides this, Mrs. H. The family applied for prosecution of the criminal case on "intentional injuries" sent to places like Hanoi Police Director, Hanoi City VKSDN, head of Hong Hai Police Department. To investigate the case of Hoang Mae District of My, VKSand district, handle gangsters under the law.

According to the report, after the incident, victims were taken to the hospital twice for treatment in a state of panic.

At present the authorities have identified the person who attacked the girl, who is not local and immediately left the area.

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