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Only one small job, reducing the risk of penicillin cancer in men, helps relieve relationships – life's health

Sunday, 06/01/2016 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Circumcision is scheduled by people, but if this procedure is done it can have a major impact on men.

US According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 60% of the children born in this country are circumcised. But in many countries, circumcision is done only when circumcision is performed. So how does circumcision affect men?

1. Raise the relationship time

A study conducted by experts in Turkey has found that the average relation period in adult male circumcision increased by 20 seconds. However, this difference is not the reason for circumcision and is not a suitable remedy for breastfeeding of that time.

Scientists believe that the circumcision makes the penis less susceptible, which may be different from the slice, but the study has not yet agreed that this is the reason for this case. From another perspective, in Danish studies it has also been found that men who marry circumcised men have problems in sex and have difficulty in orgasm.

Only one small job, helping to reduce the risk of penicillin cancer in men, helps increase time - 1

2. The chances of getting penicillular cancer and prostate cancer are less

Chances of developing circumcision men penicill and prostate cancer are less likely. Researchers said that fractures can be inflammatory and it is home to HPV. Inflammation and HPV can contribute to cancer. However, that does not mean that all men need to circumcise on their heads.

The circumcision must use condoms and have a safe relation to avoid spreading the disease. Note that the "little boy" cleanliness is clean, those who have not been circumcised, must clean them in the front to stop inflammation and itching.

3. Reduce the risk of infection

According to the CDC, circumcision reduces the risk of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Scientists are still investigating the internal cause. However, the hypothesis is that when a sexual body makes the virus easy to penetrate into the body, there is a possibility of fracture eruption, or perhaps the next part of the body creates an atmosphere to grow viruses and bacteria. Strong

However, in any way, circumcision is not a way to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Men must circumvent or use condoms to avoid spreading the disease. Using condoms during sex is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it is important for men to remember to use condoms to keep themselves and their partners healthy.

Only one small job, helping to get time in relation, reduces the risk of penicillin cancer in men - 2

4. Do not cut condoms

With a male circumcision penis, it is more difficult to wear condoms. The cells slide inside the condom and push out the condom.

If you are not circumcised, you should use a large condom. Before wearing a condom, you need to stretch the forcecons, then while moving the condom, move the forcecon to the correct position, and help move the forcepsin without affecting "raincoat".

The symptoms of itchy irritation in the penis, erythema, and penis give you problems …

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