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Phuong Oanh and Quynh Kool are "flipping" on the 25th episode "Qin Pup Bay"


First 25 episodes Kumim dollsQuynhFugo Onan) Made a move that the audience is happy. When received the information,Than hong) Crazy, hit the village. Lane's brother immediately returned to hospital. To see Quynh, Davo looking for money to send homeMushroom kul) To tell her love story. Davo's pride continues, confused with Qwynch, "Launter's Laughter's Laughter Launched" to end up Davo.

Guyana. KgmMan Khan) Quynh demanded and lamented. Kenn snake continued, and Ken did not dare to do anything. Cinah turned to ask her if she wanted to visit her now. And they went away to their house.

Phuong Oanh and Quynh Kool Quynh invite one another on the 25th episode of Bup Bau - Photo 1.

When Lan was so mad, he cried out to the weeping. At this time, Quinn got an opportunity to explain everything to Dow. Quynh said that Lan wanted to jump into his murder, because it was my wolf. You know that even worse is bad, when you go to her, you will die of the death of death. Be careful that she gave Kine before returning to the city. At this point, Davo changed his mind.

Phuong Oanh and Quynh Kool Quynh Bup Bau - Photo 2 invites one another on the episode.

Daao madman lan

Phuong Ohanh and Quynh Kool Quynh Bep Bê - Photo 3 Invites one another on the episode.

Repentance to give her no attention

Quon is correct, I measured all the ways to avenge myself. My request for Ngoc Anh Dao was his bar, and then to catch her hotel. My soldiers pressed the tablets to drink drugs and then clips turned away. When he woke up, Davo ran to Guinea seeking help. Davo said, if she did not come to my guest now, she should be kept on the Internet, so she is afraid.

Invite each other between Oanh and Quynh Kool on the 25th edition of Kuan Beau Bow.

Quynh called the phone whether or not he was right, but Dawo was in my sight

Quinn and Khwai Khool invite each other on the 25th episode of "Quan Babbau".
Owen and Qin Khul call each other on the 25th episode of Qin's Boop series - photo 6.
Phuong Oanh and Quynh Kool Quynh Bup Bau Invite 25th episode - Photo 7.

Welcome to Quynh rescue

Due to the fact that Quynh had to end Thinh's phone (Hai Anh). She did not expect that she missed the most important information in her life. Incidentally, the baby of mini-couples knows mini type,. Even more amazing, when the event was handed over to her was unexpectedly in the ear.

Invite between Oanh and Quynh Kool on 25th episode of Kuan Bap Bou - Photo 8.

Thinh knows about Minh's personality

Thinh wants to tell the boy herself, so she could not find the children, but it was too late. To commemorate Quhennh, Thinh was aware of a story and received a threat from Vu that Minh would move to another place of permanence, knowing Quinh.

Some other interesting events surround the wolf. After the enlargement of the envelope froze, Khi's father (Dong Than Ban) used a virtual nickname to contact us. But it's not easy to make my habit. She was trapped to see how this man responds. This meeting happened, which leads to this guest Ngoc Anh. For the first time in his life, Ngoc Anh "hard" met, will have to deal with Quynh needed dollar.

One and Qin Kulu also call on 25th edition of Quynh Bup Bau - Photo 9.

After my job is completed, I have to worry about the "family". After the incident with Keen, I directed all the juniors. I went home again. He said that he and Dave could do nothing. He never promised. My gine, but gave him medicine.

In the 25th episode of Quan Bouch Bouquet - Oanh and Quynh Kool together - photo 10.

Ask for my "medicine"

That's how I'm so easy, because now she's arranged. As soon as Queen's "medicine" ran, she met with her when she met her. Then Davy will see the real face of Kai. But she had not had all the nights she had suffered. What do you do when the Qin-s'ao sisters become two handsome, one respected, and lost a baby? Wait till episode 26 on VTV3 at 21h40 on November 13, 1818.

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