Saturday , June 19 2021

Place two mines in the housework

Lu Wang Cook (35) and Lam Lam (32). Bring the mines from houses from Bik Giang to Nagueni to bring the car to Cuc.

At 1:11 am, rats added 0.4 kg of explosives to the mines with two mines. Slowly he burned the fire. At 5 pm, two mines were blown up to destroy the door of the family car. Mother and her daughter were not disappeared.

The rest was arrested a month later in the province of Gyang province.

On November 20, police (Nahheen) were prosecuted in Doh Long district Willingly destroy the object; Threat to kill people; Illegal explosives are manufactured. There is a criminal record involving arms and ammunition.

* The name of the victim has changed.

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