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Poet – musician Guine Trong died Tao

Share with journalists PeopleQ and Composer Guen Trong, Tao's first daughter, Thu Meg said that his dear father died on January 1, 1950, at Batcha Mai Hospital. Thu Mege said that family members are currently very confused, so there is no official information about the funeral.

According to the poet Boo Hong Tam, before his death, poet-songwriter Guy Trung Tao was weak, and due to lung cancer, Bachay Mai was in the hospital for several days.

Poet-songwriter Guyan Trong Tao left the world.

Poet-songwriter Guyan Trong Tao left the world.

Before that, in the end of 2017, during a visit to his hometown in Diane Chow, Guguen trong tae was stroke due to stroke. At that time his condition was considered to be very heavy, bad hypothesis, brain bleeding, very high blood pressure, at times of delusion, hempolia, unable to speak …

Poet-songwriter Guyan Trong Tao said that after "drunken" in the hospital bed, "wanted to die". In the first 20 days she was very disappointed when she did not move, no voice, she lost all emotions …

"I am like a dead person." Cultivation: Confusing the province like him, sometimes only … die. But when I have a little understanding of suicide, I do not have enough time and health. Sometimes I am about suicide Thinking and then losing my consciousness … ", he remembered a frustrating time when he was speaking stagnant, losing his feeling, causing the vehicle accident His voice was lose …

Nguyen Trong Tao was not the only one who accepted the acceptance of the memory of the commentator – poet Nguyen Thu Kha, on August 10, 2018, in Nanghey Ann, "Guinean trung tao – song song of the countryside".

"He always remembers my friend Trong Tao … my name. After effects complications. I am also sad when people do not drink together. With that drink, we were no longer" on the same line. "I still have a whiskey Drink, and Mr. Tao drinks … wine, "says Guanyean Thu Khai.

Thu Hay Music composer once guayen troun shares about the affected memory after Tao accident.

Thu Hay Music composer once guayen troun shares about the affected memory after Tao accident.

Guyan Trung Tao, Diane Chow, born on August 25, 1947, was born in Nege, in 1969, joined the army in 1969, studied Gugu Du University of Literature course 1, wrote poetry at the age of 14. She is a poet, writer, musician and illustrator.

He is a member of the Poetry Council of the Vietnamese Writer's Association, Chairman of the Editorial Board of Poetry Newspaper (2003-2004). He was conferred the poetry awards by Neha Ann in 1969 and Poetry Award by Van Nege Newspaper, Military Arts and People (1978), twice awarded the Ancient Literature and Arts Award (Hew) Award. Literature and Art of the National Committee of Vietnamese Literary and Art Associations, on the basis of Ho Xuan Huyong, Poetry and prose. His poems and short stories are translated into French, English, Russian, Spanish …

In addition to the poem, he is also a musician, currently has 8 music awards working in the Music and Times Magazine of the Vietnamese Musicians Association.

He is the author of episodes of poetry and poetry, such as "Tongue for Adult People", "Nung Than", "Moon Without World", "Road to the Stars" (Trung Sea Dong Lock), Gaming "Village Quin Ho, My Hometown" "Countrywide Song", "Horizontal Eyes", "My Mother", Author "Viet Nam Poetry Day Symbol", "Poetry Flag" …

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