Friday , January 15 2021

Poor duck "broke his head" because the owner was at the end of the year.

The New Year is pleasing but there are many concerns with it. Buy tickets for money, clothing for clothes and money for me to go home. Salaries and bonuses are not high, but debt increases.

They lacked so much of the people that they thought immediately about the solution to the immediate savings cleanups, even though they promised to wait for enough days to give them "net".

Recently, many people had sympathy for earning money from the duck image that was used for "beautiful treatment". Netzenson commented on "love too" with the image of a sad duck because of his head's "brain injury".

The poor duck broke his head because the lack of the owner of the end of the year is most loved! Photo 1

Duck duck was "beautifully treated" to extract money

Just Boxing and Rubbing: Batting and Bending Again!

Until now, after the acquisition of money, the duck owner still has not spread so much that he wounded his head. Properly "Just Boxing, Rubbing", pushing someone's head and then bending again!

Below these photos, Netizens has left a very rude comment:

Anne: "I just slaughtered my piggy bank before the deadline. She loved her so much but her first love! Debt flood has come!".

Wu Bao: "Use the sticks and the next meal to make it easy! ".

Minah Hai: "Year-end normal status! I do not even have a duck with a duck but I hope this is terrible! ".

And you, you did this pig or duck this year, do you still intend to "sell"?

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