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Principal of the primary school was sexually assaulted for many years

For many years teachers raped the rape about the information spread over social networks, the head of the education and training department of Yen Dehnang district, Guyan Thien Chinha confirmed the incident and said that the police department has entered and conclusions.

Shared Information on Social Networks

Shared Information on Social Networks

According to Lu Wu Lam, chairman of Yen Deh District People's Committee, this incident took place three years ago. Accordingly, the teacher L.V. T. (Yen Trung Commune, in Yen Deh District) sent an application to condemn Mr. T.H.T.. (At that time, he was a Y.B. primary school, a resident of Yen Din district), his wife, Mrs. N. T.K. (YB Primary School Administrator) no longer.

After receiving the application, the Inspection Committee of District Education and Training Department, District Police Department, Yen Din Party Committee filed the investigation. The authorities have written the findings on the charge of Mr. and Mrs. LVT. And NTQ Is innocent

Yen Deh District People's Committee also established a disciplinary conference inviting related parties to review. It is believed that this unit has an internal ban problem, the disciplinary committee has decided to transfer Mr. THT. And Mrs. N. T.Q. About 2 different schools

Disagree with the findings of the authorities of Yen Deh District, Mr. LVT An application was sent to Thanhão Ho Provincial Party Committee. On December 14, 2018, the Office of Than Ho Ho Provincial Party Committee sent official shifts to express the opinion of Mr. Trun Van Chien, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Than Ho.

Official distribution material: Yen Deen District School teacher Yvonne Deh District is receiving the application of 4th December, 2018 (in the office of the provincial party committee on December 8, 2018) rejecting his crime. DNT, Principal of Din Hain Primary School, Yen Din District.

After reviewing, the secretary of the provincial party committee, Mr. Treen Van Chieen aimed to direct the District People's Commitment and Executive Agencies to verify and verify the distribution of Yen Deen Standing Party Committee; Control violations (if any) according to the rules; There were answers to civilians, and at the same time the provincial party secretary was informed.

Secretary of the provincial party committee of Than Ho Hai. Direction of Tren Van Chien

Secretary of the provincial party committee of Than Ho Hai. Direction of Tren Van Chien

Mr. LVT In late 2016, his wife, NTQ. After being informed by someone about, reported. Mr. T.T. Mr. LVT asked his wife so that there was an illicit relationship with him. After that, Mrs. Q. Mr. T. H.T. Responded by. Strict relationships for a long time

In the past days, a part of the content is Mr. LVT. Was condemned. Appeared on social networks to attract mixed opinions and comments.

Talk to journalists PeopleMr. Lew Woo Lam, Chairman of the Yen Deh District District Committee, said: The incident took place three years ago. After receiving the information, the district has taken up the investigation but it has not been settled. However, the District has faced the form of rebuke for the Principles and the Vice Principles to bring unity, so that the school's movements will come down. Transfer to other units at the same time.

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