Friday , January 22 2021

Renewal theories, not discarded, change colors

In the party Central Headquarters on the afternoon of 7th January, the first meeting was held by a subsidiary of XIII Congress of the party, presided over by the General Secretariat and state president Nguyen Fu Trong, head of the sub-committee for documents. .

General Secretary and State President Guine Fu Trong: Guidance is to connect with innovation in a simple and stable way.

General Secretary and State President Guine Fu Trong: Guidance is to connect with innovation in a simple and stable way.

Politburo member and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the meeting; Politburo member, Kim Ngan from Guggon, chairman of the National Assembly; And the sub-committee members of the document, standing editorial team, assist the sub-committee of the documents.

In this meeting, the sub-committee of the document reviewed and commented on the party's X -III Congress sub-committee's draft work plan and the Standing Committee of the Sub-Committee of the Documents; Report on the theme, list, structure, guidance and some attention to political reports; Statement on the direction of making a 10-year report to implement the 2011 platform …

National Congress representatives of 1221 are expected to be held in January 2021, 35th anniversary celebration, Social Economic Development Strategy 2011 – 10 years of 2020, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of direction party (2030), 100 years of establishment of the country (2045). Congress XIII will encourage and promote an important milestone, a meaningful future approach, full party and whole people, the whole army broadly encourages, synchronizes the renewal process, for the purpose of the country's rich, strong, democratic, fair and civilized people, socialist Vietnam Strong and sustainable development, strong defense. It is very important to prepare for documents in order to ensure the success of Congress, scientific and thoughtful.

General Secretary and State President Guyan Fu Trong praised the editorial team for making and activating the documents sub-committee for discussion and discussion; Sub-committee members of the documents spent time researching and contributing many valid ideas to supplement and continue the draft.

Sub-committee members of the Basic Documents agreed: The functions and functions of the Party's XIII National Congress have not been created for the work of 2021-2026, but by 2030 they recognize the targets and by 2045 the vision is to be seen. Political Report is the central document of Congress, a 10-year summary report for implementing Platform 2011 is the basis for making a political report.

Opinions for the development of political reports, opinions, headlines, determining key milestones, guiding thoughts, goals, motivation and realistic action are unanimous. In order to be effective, to encourage the whole party and the whole army, all of us actively implement targeted goals and targets. The structure of the report is easy to remember, easy to understand, easy to see, easy to see, brings benefits, limitations, reasons, and ultimately excellent lessons in every part.

The General Secretary and the State President said that the guiding idea is to engage with innovation and innovation, but it is a constant target among rich, strong, democratic, just and civilized people. Mobilizing socialism; Between the theory and practice, there must be easily interconnected between inheritance and development, it continues to improve the platform and socialism logic and the path of socialism of Vietnam gradually.

General Secretary and state president Guine Fu Trong gave a speech to direct the meeting

General Secretary and state president Guine Fu Trong gave a speech to direct the meeting

The General Secretary and the President asserted that it is necessary to fully understand the soul: in principle, to renew, not to go away from the principles, to be ignored, useless, integrated, but not to melt, but must certainly be renovated.

The methods, methods, the general secretary, and the state president are essential to maximize democracy, to listen quietly and request the maximum crystallization of collective intelligence, to create unity. At the party, people are high.

Officials, party members' suggestions, refining, on the basis of choice, the theme of Congress should be brief, concise and very common, expressing vision and tactical thinking. Reflects on the party, great milestones and basic directions, which show the political decision of the whole party, the whole people and our entire army.

Subcommittee members have originally agreed with the Subcommittee and Standing Committee's program and work plan. On that basis, the General Secretary and the State President asked sub-committee members, the Standing Committee to give responsibility, prudence, efforts, seriously program, encouragement to implement the proposed plan. To make a goal with the documents to be sent to party Congress at all levels of the party for discussion and comments by 2020, strict adherence to work discipline.

At the same time, the General Secretary and State President reminded that in the locations, agencies and units, the actual survey must be selective, deliberate, research, practical summary, not spread. , Problems arise for locality; Ensure special and drawn experience, how to organize surveys and work trips very real and efficiently, ignore forms, collect useful information for construction. 10-year report of political report and implementation of the 2011 platform


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