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Saigon Drama's theater manager died suddenly at the age of 53

Monday, 07/01/2015 05:45 AM (GMT + 7)

Comedian Mind Trang, after a long time after liver cancer that was breathed in night at 6 January.

Comedian Man Trang – whose real name is Guyan Mind Trang is a close friend of many southern artists, especially Saigon play stage known to the public as "father".

Saigon drama theater boss suddenly died at 53 - 1 age

For many years Mana Tang is the artist who plays Saigon play theater

He was born in 1966, the boss of the Syigen Drama Theater. After a long struggle with liver cancer, the artist breathed his last at the 21:00 at 6:00 pm on January 6, at the Ho Chi Minh City Hospital in Medicine and Pharmacy, enjoying the age of 53 years. The information was confirmed by Mana Tanga's wife, artist Fouk Sang.

Artist Man Trang is known as Comedian, he is also the director-manager of the Sigon drama stage for more than 15 years, he is the one who helps to maintain the stage today. Artist Fouke Sung withdrew

Saigon play theater boss suddenly died 53 - 2 years old

She was the recipient of the Golden Mai Award in the 2008 comedian category

Artist Hu Nghia, his close friend, Manah Tang, could not resist the feeling of talking about this departure: "He is an enthusiastic, full-hearted and devoted man who wants to build the Siegone Drama Theater becomes a meeting place for young audiences.

It is said that this phase has been published for 364 consecutive years, only on December 30, that is, New Year's Eve, the rest of the brothers and sisters, the rear-viewers all depend on the common rice cooker. But Mr. Man Trang has warmed up throughout the year "- Hugu Nagia shared with Naguoi Lao Dong newspaper.

In 1986, Cinemas and actors graduated from Ho Chi Minh College, actors singer Nigok Son, Le Hai, Tran Sang, and actor Quinn are classmates. Soul …

Saigon play theater boss suddenly died 53 - 3 years old

The minor role of stage triangle has been selected by the audience over the years

His whole life was associated with minor roles and roles on stage, but the audience was impressed by the attraction and oddity of Man Trang.

Some of the famous plays include: Tony Trang, "Boy Dance" in "The Evil Report", in the role of Shree Fung, Love in "The Dead Return", or "The Ghost On Ho Kawan Bai" wedding bedding "…

She participated in several films: "Princess Tin and Tiger Tiger General" as a fire, "Kai rivals his opponent" because Hung had fixed his car, "Hello Three" as Face Row.

Saigon play theater boss suddenly died 53 - 4 years old

The role of Mr. Van Tho in a funny game "Grilled Pig".

His sudden departure is usually a big loss for stage artists and especially Saigon drama theater.

For those who love Priyanka, they should have Man-Trang busy behind all the scenes or the stands. The news of his death caused many loyal audiences to mourn at the theatrical stage.

A funeral will be organized during the reincarnation of Vihan Nagam Pagoda.

Zhuen Beck and artists liked to return to the land of People Artists Unhun

Artist Anh Tumi's funeral took place in the mercy of his family and friends at 24.30 am today.

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