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Shawbis has not spread long distance and box-carrier cars


Wednesday, November 28, 1818 06:00 AM (GMT +7)

The story about the original Hue locals' orchestra is spread over "strange" showbizs.

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Hue singer and choreographer showbiz - 2 brings the story of non-viral spread

Longer Japanese box trucks new cars

Recently, Long Live shared a series of new cars on the page. The singer announced that the car's value was more than 1.1 billion VDD. , Which was sold for travel purposes in the south. He also said that he is his third car owned by him.

This part of Long Japan attracted attention until November 1113, a male singer, who had "borrowed a car to show off". Specifically, after a discussion about this article, Long Post posted three car shapes, one of the audience said that two of the three cars were not from this singer, but actually the car has been borrowed. On the wedding.

With the story of Hu's singer and choreographer non-commercial showbiz-3

By taking the story of the original Hue singer and choreographer non-commercial showbiz-4

Car making a long Japanese market

Soon, long rejected Japan. He explained that the black Toyota 7-way 2011 Fortuneer spent about $ 1 billion on each tour from north to south.

And Lexus IS 250 is a £ 3.5 billion palm, it's a car that Longji's grandmother is on her daily lessons and shopping. In addition to this, the white Lexus RS 350 milk is worth more than 4 billion overseas Vietnamese help Lee Enh Minah to help travel.

"When I came to see Vietnam where I wanted to go, called me a taxi, he loved me and knew that my birthday is coming so I bought a VDD 4 billion car when people went to the hotel. Come, "said a long time.

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After a long Japan car which was kept behind you, then you donate

"I have full legal documents or handwritten notarized names for all three cars, but I do not have to show any proof to anyone." In the past someone was saying that I was not my child, I was a young man, but I was old, and I did not waste time on that.

There are some cars that people do too. Now who says this house is not mine, my wife is not mine … I have to bring a red book and marriage certificate to prove me?

He insisted that he wants to show new music or projects in the future, but his wealth will show many things, not just cars.

Hue singer and choreographer bring story of nonprofit in Showbiz - 7

By taking the story of the original Hugh singer and choreographer non-commercial showbiz-8

Long japa denied emotional rumors with a foreign Vietnamese boyfriend

With rumors or entrepreneurial US And her new lover is just a humane man, the singer is ambiguous and claims that the Internet users want to downgrade their credibility.

"Minh is a fan, loves to sing Long Nutt, and because of that, he has decided to go back to his homeland. After the time of familiarity, the brothers have stopped, because there are many similarities and common opinion.

There are two very passionate lyrical songs, folk songs from our homeland, and we prove to each other about the knowledge of two civilizations. "- Long Japan explains.

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Long Japan welcomed the fourth child two years ago

After 30 years of singing, long Japan is still the name of many favorite shows. Though not very popular in Shoobies, the songwriter who follows the music has a particular audience.

Therefore, at the age of 50, long Japan still has good earnings from art work. In addition to this car, male singers have four houses from north to south.

On a personal life, a long time beautiful wife in Japan, proud of being a good child. She has four children, is 22 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. She lives with 4 children in Hai Phong, but Kim Ngan – Long Nawat's wife is behind her husband's support. He said: "I see that you care for your family well and love your wife and children.

Longer Japan shared about foreign Vietnamese

Hot girl girl surprisingly beautiful as long as Japan

In the pursuit of the Bolero, Trucy Chi makes the audience unable to speak their sex very sexy.

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