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"Snow Queen" U40 is still as young as climbing on climbing stairs


Tuesday, 27 November 2012 22:13 PM (GMT + 7)

Compared to the early time, Sug U. Rene beauty has produced only salt, but not completely vulnerable.

Sung Yuri has been involved in the entertainment industry for many years but still very young, beautiful

Sung Yuri is an acquaintance with famous critics such as Vietnamese audiences Snow Queen, Hong Gil Dong, Love story with timeHowever, before acting as an actor and becoming an A-list star in the movie industry, Sung Yuri is a singer, who is a member of the popular Finn KK Group (with Lee Hyari). ).

Finn.K.L. With the first time, Sung Yuri is a specially a member, who is a member of the group's most sweet and most popular member. Later, while Finn K.K. When the outbreak occurred and Sung Yuri came into contact with an audience as an actress, the beauty of the pure beauty and idol was preserved.

At 37, Sung Yuri praises more people because they maintain their identity as a newcomer in the entertainment industry. However, in the middle of 2017, it has become "the wife of a man", it seems that marriage makes life more "exquisite queen" more beautiful.

Former member of the group, Finn K.K. 37 year old girl is as young

Sue U. Ryi shares her secret to preserve "old age" beauty, which is used for a variety of treatments at the same time. In Korea, Saraa is considered as the "beauty" of many sisters. It is a concentrated form of concentration but absorbs easily through the skin, which helps the skin to last longer. Summary costs are usually very expensive because they are used to claim too many uses. With Sung Yuri, one of the different treatments seems to really use it together.

Many years in the entertainment industry, but Sung Yuri is also famous for maintaining a balanced body, waist waist, more charming. Gerotonic is a systematic exercise that helps in connecting the joint, improves the flow of body energy, cleanses arteries, improves endurance and improves health. Gerotonic is also a popular exercise for Hollywood stars, which is considered to be the longest spring therapy.

Sung Yuri frequently practices gerontonics – a popular method with many celebrities like Madonna

In addition to gerontonics, Sung Yuri also announced that she often climb on the stairs instead of lifts to get the perfect body. Taking a good time in the gym is not always pleasant, so climbing on the stairs is a quick way to get fat, which makes Sung Yuri the most tone and firm feet.

To see the wonderful youngsters of "Ice Queen" see the complimentary image of Sung You Ru U40:

To get young skin, Sung Yuri uses different treatments at the same time

Climbing the stairs instead of the elevator is a trick to help a cute slim without too much training

Compared to the early times, the beauty of Sung Yuri is not only sweet, but completely vulnerable

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Image Zhao Wei weight loss before and after as two completely different people!

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