Monday , May 29 2023

Stock Analysis 12/11: Risk for Investors' Returns Before Returning to Securities


The primary trend is scams (reject)

The weakness of the money and investor's vigorous psychology led to the rapid growth of the market at the end of the session. The VN-Index approaches SMS. Indicates that the technical rally will end if the 10th radio session continues. The primary trend is fraud. Therefore, the investors should limit the risk management options to this period.

Support for 100 SMS (Neutral)

(Bao White Securities Company – BVCC)

In the weekly list, the VN-index still supports the SMA 100 support of 888-895 points. If the break point is broken, the market will move to a more negative point in the near future

Recovery success (neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBBS)

Technically, Friday is under threat of a strong fall back from the rally, and if the market improvement did not improve even rapidly in the spoilsage, the market scene fell sharply before the recession. It is possible. In the case of positive optimism, the market gains over 915 points with the support of 900 points.

Next week will be concerns (decrease)

(FPT Securities Company- FPTS)

The next week ahead of banking, food, oil and gas sectors, it is expected to be much worse. Investors should be aware of short-term surfing decisions.

Decreased continuously (decreasing)

(Saigon Securities Incorporation – SSI)

In 915, the index fell and dropped. In the next two trading sessions, the trend will continue to fluctuate continuously between 900-925. Index is likely to go down if unlimited in the 900s.

There is no reason for instability (neutral)

(Ho Chi Minh City Securities Company – HSC)

Considering the good Q3 business results, domestic market still affects: low turnover, foreign contact, concerns about the world economy. The income season ended, and now celebrates with the end of the year. In the short term, HCC's market is not incentive to sustain.

Disturbing signal (neutral)

(Vietnam Securities Joint Stock Company – VNCS)

Friday's edits The last four sessions were bullish on liquidity. The central signals below the MAA shut down the index and pointed to the opposite direction of the market. With this progress, VNCS noted that it was necessary to keep more careful, avoiding the following fishing and even a part of the list of stocks that violated the Risk Ratio.

Support threshold MA10 (neutral)

(White Capital Securities Company – VCC)

The short-term technical indicators of VN30 and HNX-indexes have been replaced by neutral to negative. This is close to the 870, 100 points. However, VN Index's short term signal was temporarily temporarily tempted by VNM. However, MA10 support for this index may be challenged in the next session at 914 points.

Recovery functions are fast failures (neutral)

(Sold by Dragon Security Company – VD SC)

The stock market weak currency and the adverse impact of the World Bank market made it easy to drown. The pressure on sale at large scale stocks rose. Recovery functions quickly fail. Midcap and Penny Stocks, which won some stocks, were more positive. Investors should be in the short-term trading limits due to uncertainties in the market at this time.

Market is an awkward (uncomfortable)

(Kis Vietnamese Securities Joint Stock Company – Kis)

The market was disappointing because of the market trend and the fall in sales of large stocks. In short, systematic risk is rising. Investors should continue to be in the hands of Right Management.

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