Monday , March 27 2023

Suri Cruise Becomes the "Million Dollar" Object of Kidnappers?


Recently, the National Enquirer magazine published information about baby Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise's daughter, and Katie Holmes that the kidnappers were targeting. Accordingly, the information is placed on the front page of the magazine.

Suri Cruise becomes a million dollar object of captives? - Photo 1.

The magazine posted information on the first page

The article states that Suri is the "million dollar" target that groups abduct Muslims, while Tom Cruise's daughter recently went on the street without a guard.

In addition, the article also cited a former police officer: "If I were Tom or Katie, I would make sure my daughter was armed with a weapon or a guardian beside her." Tom and Katie are scared, because the kidnapper is ready to target Suri because he is the son of a celebrity ”.

However, GossipCop contacted former wife manager Tom Cruise, who insisted that a Surry Guard be with her every day, only because they did not appear in the National Enquirer's photo. Article out.

Suri Cruise becomes a million dollar object of captives? - Photo 2.

Suri was born in April 2006. By November of that year, her parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were married in Italy. In June 2012, Katie filed for divorce from Tom. Katie took over saying she was afraid of Tom's ontology that would have a negative impact on Suri. In recent years, Tom is no longer seen meeting Suri.

Source: GossipCop

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