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Sweden: Spectacular upstream, earthquake Europe (Women's World Cup) – 24th football


Sunday, June 30, 2019 04:21 AM (GMT +7)

(Football video, German football results – Sweden, Women's World Cup quarter-finals 2019) Women's World Cup in 2019 The next quarter-final match is going to be the internal fight of two European teams. And there, shocked.

Four years ago, German women reached the semi-finals and had just finished the golden dream against American women – then the team won the championship. Meanwhile, in the 2015 World Cup, Swedish women stuck to the group stage. Therefore, it is an interesting surprise that the two teams in the 2019 World Cup quarter-finals bring European football.

Germany - Sweden: stunning upstream, earthquake Europe (Women's World Cup) - 1

The first German German (white shirt) before Sweden fell suddenly

More appreciated, the German women team entered the game. In the 16th minute they had Magul's initial target. However, the German women played intriguingly, then Jacobson then scored the goal after the brilliant chance.

After the break, the spirit of rebellion helped the Swedish women's team play like their opponents. And then suddenly happened suddenly in the 48th minute, when Jacobson was an enthusiastic day. Jacobson's double boosted Sweden's help, and then he won 2-1. Thus, Sweden became the last team to enter the 2019 Women's World Cup semi-finals, and their opponents are Dutch women.

Final score: Female German female 1-2 female (H 1: 1-1)

Score goals

Germany: Maguol 16 & # 39;

Sweden: Jakobson 22 & # 39; 48 & # 39;


Germany: School, Haggering, Dorson-Khazah, Simon, Magul, Dabrutz, Gwinn, Hoth, Pope, Dalmmann, Skuller

Sweden: Lindah, Sambrant, Fischer, Ericsson, Glass, Assalamani, Segar, Reuben, Jacobsen, Rolfo, Blackstone

Italia - Netherlands: The Great War Screen, Semi-Final Tickets (Women's World Cup)

Italy and the Netherlands are big football teams of European football, which are playing extremely exciting matches in the quarterfinals.

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