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Tan Woo – Nails on Lach Huine Bridge in High Fong

After many days of investigation, Hai Phong Police has identified the weak thing on the bridge of Tan Wu – Luc Huyen, which is a serious public opinion in recent years, 20 years old, Professor Le Trang is Heu. Mihhong Village, Nagia Low Commune, Car Hai District, Car repair in Hai Phong.

The club is located on the right of ground level 2
Take the subject on the investigation Trung Hieu

The head of the Criminal Police Department (Hai Phong Police), Colonel Hoang Tang said: With so many professional steps, today morning (21/12), the police called Le Trang Hiu to clear the action. Ten Woo – Spooky Nails at Lach Huyen Bridge According to initial scrutiny, Hu was drug addict, She works in Nagya Law Commune, right from the Han Fong city to Cat Hai District, right on the side of Tan Wu – Luc Huyen Bridge.

The investigating agency, Hue claimed: In the beginning of November 1818, the hi is half a kilogram of 3 cm. Taking the nails, it stretched from the top of the bridge to Tan Woo – Lach Hui Bridge to Kate Hai district, due to which many motorcycles passed through the bridge, the tires were converted into high-speed car repair.


Earlier, according to a report on the ocean bridge from November, Vietnam news agency, Ten Woo – Luch Hoine (Hai Phong) bridge is hoisted on the bridge. Functional forces continue to collect, but still do not, because large numbers and densities are sprinkled nails. Public opinion by poor behavior on the road Immediately, there is a serious danger to the safety of people involved in traffic and life.

Shri Pham Khaik Chin, Nagya Law Commune (Cat Hai District, Hai Phong), People's Committee Chairman There's going to be Ten Woo – Luc Huyen Bridge, said: "Currently, traffic on Tune Wu – Luc Huyen Road is compiled by the Bridge Management Units and local authorities. Single You still compile frequently, you still exchange information with each other. At present, information traffic safety, sugar management unit also ran; strong; We also announced many publicity on traffic safety on Ton Woo – Luc Huyen Road. "

Than Nag / VOV-Northwest

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