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"Teach me to wear earrings while wearing jeans while in school" -Life Schobes


November 15, 2013 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

The lecturer said, "His speech with the form of a teacher in the lecture hall is quite opposite.

Speaking about Ho Tung Dang, the audience will be reminded of a passionate singer in Jasp. In contrast to the strong image, in fact, Ho Ho Trung Dung is a young, dynamic person in real life.

He admitted he could not hide his feelings, laughing throughout the day and laughing to his friends and relatives. But he admits that he is very disappointed with the public and that many people will not misunderstand him.

He was a student at the German Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities University (2000-2004). After graduation, he taught German literature and joined the Cadillac group.

Ho Ho Trung Dung was in the arts. In each song he is full of church and percussion. At times, vocals "Nostalgia" In the past six years, the collected material collected in Shion was collected. "Saigon Field", Including 9 famous songs Love 2000, Cyclo, Frag, Ice …

Day "Saigon Field" Release and Ho Trang get relieved. "Oh, have I made that album for so long?", He's funny.

Ho Trung Dung: & # 34; Teach me to speak English and wear jeans worthy of the school & # 34; - 1

The sixth generation was completed by Ho Chi Trung Dum and Wong Tone Thanh "Saigon Field".

– Jesse's passion for musician Waugh Than Than – Pop hits, dance …

– "Saigon Field" is the passion of two people who have sang Zagogan, I'm bringing out a completely different color, when I co-work with Whom Thine. This album is jazz, not too deep and difficult.

When people talk about Jazz, people do not think of Thu Wan Thunder. But when I chat with Thane too, they found that they love jazz. After the talk, I and I started the "Saigon Field" program. We start with the project starting from 2012 and we have to complete six years.

This album is very complicated and complicated. Most importantly, either I and Thana should be inspired. If there is a half-year period, we do not touch the product because there is no anxiety. Hits pile songs from the album, and the rest are new. It's not easy with him.

Ho Trung Dung: & # 34; Teach me to speak English and wear jeans worthy of the school & # 34; - 2

Both of them have a jazz preference.

Personally, I only have 30 minutes to record a pop song, 3 to 4 times … I've spent 5 years recording since "I came from" this album. Done.

The album has many feelings, most of them are about city. From the speed, crowd, and busyness of every individual's occupation. Each message is not superficial, it is the experience of life.

I am 29 years old and now 35 years old in six years. I have experienced a number of distinctions, including depression and depression. But no matter how certain I'm still innocent. The yard is inversely proportional to music.

Sometimes I'm busy singing, making money, and I understand the song a little while, his song has no meaning. Do not worry if I compared the song I've previously performed with the performers who have performed and succeeded. I trust to sing.

Most singers, songs, MVs, online music sites, YouTube and … The traditional method of distribution is still selected. Do you worry about sales?

– If everyone is afraid, trying to run in the heat, the music market will be very dull and solitary. If the CD album was released, I know it's reputable. In ancient times, I counted it unimportant. How do people ask rebels when they're different? Ho Tung Dung is not shocking or interactive. Let people tell me that if I believe in my revolutionary path, it is difficult now. I will remain steadfast and believe that I bring in some specific values.

In addition to core values, I still release my channels through online channels and apps … This is a way to encourage audience to be the most responsive and timely listening.

– Will the teacher acting in Shobby squash his image?

– Stop teaching my first year of singing. For the past 8 years, I still generally teach. Teaching is my job.

The song and the way to teach me are two different expressions about me. Delivery and completion in music did not come because I was a teacher. If it was not me, I would still be there. This is man, my personality.

I was an artist at the lecture hall. I wear comfortable clothes. I do not wear jeans. I wear cloths to teach. My pants have been shifted out of my hand. Everything is me superficial, the gravitational appreciation of the new profession is very important. As long as I have a limit to what I wear, no one has the right to comment. If there is an opinion I will not do it anymore.

Ho Trung Dung: & # 34; Teach me to speak English and wear jeans worthy of the school & # 34; - 3

The Hong Trang dong is willing to intentionally break when studying by the teacher.

– Do not use social networking, social heat issues are not discussed, it does not appear in many entertainment programs … His life lies in a quiet shobley.

– I highlight the habit of not circumcising the sound around me. Because if you are concerned, losing a job is easy.

Recently, I have read the role of the famous American artist. He is out of the entertainment show. Because many people come to this show come to this show. I'm very sorry for that. Sometimes I do not care about my whole day when I am accidentally following a lot of things and do not want to do anything else.

I do not blame the artists because there are new bridges. I'm worried about some people's taste and taste. If it were for everyone, I might have thought.

They are silent to listeners, but instead of quality art products, the title song is shocking and sexy. I really do not like it, never do that. That is why I have to try to do what I believe more.

My band on a safe level has many artists. Honestly, since the event my music earns good money. Clean, professional, civilization, morality … I can earn good money without doing so much. Therefore, people are not trying to get negative, but try to run negative.

Ho Trung Dung: & # 34; Teach me to speak English and wear jeans worthy of the school & # 34; - 4

Ho Ho Tung Ding believes that one day, instead of trending on social networks, the audience will see the exact value of the music.

– He released an album for six years. Some artists did not take only a few days, a song and a song. Do you see injustice?

– I told you not to worry. I had to calm me and look at the nature of the problem. While the superficiality is quite transparent, market chains are superficial. The more people who want to hear their music, the more vocal they will stay away from. I am obliged to take them back. Noisy waves come to another noisy wave and tend to say what people are saying. I'm trying to pursue them, they are not natural in nature, nature is a different nature.

Music is very difficult to predict, but I believe some sounds will be filled. Not only me, but many other artists, forcing music to be serious and fun.

– Do you have sympathy for him on his side?

– All viewers love me because I do not follow those trends. They do not make me calm, I do not get calm. I have even the antennae, but my fans are not calling, it is not easy to dishonor others, they are very careful. If there is a response, my fans choose the best way to respond.

People think my audience is older. However, my young audiences have so many things. 13 to 60 years old. The best thing that can be done to me is my best. I do not have to sing it because I do not have my own hands. Do not be confused that Vietnamese does not care for Jesse. As I said, they decided not to be no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no idea but they decided to share social networking.

If I express my love, my fans will not be shown on Facebook only for inbox. They even track me, do not give feedback, but always buy all my products. That audience is too big.

I'm still selling good discs and still going on stage. But there is no sale of words. At least one person is paying for an audience, so I can create other products.

The singer said nobody said, "King of Vietnamese music".

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