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The closest to the ceramic tower in Vietnam – tourism

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Vien Ziac Pagoda, located in 193 Bui Tha Zhuang (Tan Bih District, Ho Chi Minh City), was built in 1955. Buddha's remnant is made entirely of ceramics.

The most ceramic tower view in Vietnam - 1

As soon as entering the door, the first scene is visible, it is a son, which is made within the shape, neatly rolled in a corner, a circular arc making a soft glide, gentle. Construction of traditional architecture Although it is connected to the architecture of East Asia and modern technology, the Rui Rui support roof structure, like Temple Women's style, looks very ancient and elegant with matchmaking pillars.

The most ceramic tower view in Vietnam - 2

Previously, pagoda was only known as Jiaak Lake. By 2001, new large-scale works were made and changed its name to Vieni Giacak. Within the temple, Dian Quang Tower was built in 1996 and completed three years later.

The closest ceramic tower in Vietnam - 3

The tower has three floors, eight faces, seven ceilings, 21 meters high and covered with a yellowish green tile roof, the walls are decorated with glass tiles with a Buddhist sculpture and Buddhism. The forearm is a bronze gem that holds the compact material with the letter Let's character.

The closest to the ceramic tower in Vietnam - 4

Ruins of the remains of the remains of the high-floor Italy are the Buddha. Trung Bang is a religion, body of Buddha, da bao and lotus formula. Infrastructure is Fouck's Neighbor City, worshiping the truth and a late monk worshiped the Vanitable Thich Minh Cat.

The closest to the ceramic tower in Vietnam - 6

Kim Kang on four doors around the eight gods around the woods. The ceramic tiles outside the tower are ceramic, which depict the Dragon Bowl. The Tower is known by the Book Center as the most pottery tower in Vietnam.

The closest to the ceramic tower in Vietnam - 7

The main hall of Pagoda is the traditional architecture that houses the Village's roof-like roof rafts, with a system of rafts.

The closest to the most ceramic tower in Vietnam - 8

Amitabh Buddha's image is worshiped honestly on the lotus from within the main hall, both sides are an idol of Arhat.

The closest to the ceramic tower in Vietnam - 9

A modern corridor, sculpted around the temple corridor.

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