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The girl's heart caught the girl from the second floor


The young man was seen in a clip called Feij Zabat, he saw the young girl, Doha Muhammad, on the edge of the second floor window of Istanbul's Istanbul house. Immediately, the young man worked on time, returned and blocked the child when the child fell down from the second floor down to the stairs.

She was lucky to survive safely without any harm. The incident was recorded by the nearby security camera, there was a dangerous situation in her family's home.

This house is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey. Thankfully, the young man Feij Zabatt was inadvertently looking and discovered that a little girl was falling down from the edge of the window, when she was allowed to play alone and wander in the window. Her mother was in the kitchen at the time and she did not know anything about the hazardous condition of her baby.

Find the moment when a boy is caught with a second-story girl - 1

Youth of Algeria – Fizhou Zabat (17) Syrian girl became Dahah Muhammad of the family. Currently, they live in Istanbul, Fateh district of Turkey.

As soon as the dangerous situation was discovered, Fuju Zabat found the right position to support a child falling from the window. This clip shows that Doha fell into the second part of the split, but Fizhou Zabat gave a very quick and accurate reaction, which helped save the child from the hazardous situation.

Fizhou Zabat currently works in the picture frame shop, sharing with Turkish media: "I only do what is needed by the love of people around me."

To thank Fiji Zabat, Doya's younger daughter gave him a cash equivalent of 800,000 VDA.

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