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The international newspaper praises Vietnam's tale of "worse" in defeating Malaysia


Saturday, 17/11/2018 16:08 PM (GMT +7)

The Asian media, including Malaysia, was the most successful of the Telugu, but the winning method was very appreciated.

Although home tours were considered as a team of better personalized technologies, Tel did not overtake Malaysia in Vietnam. Only 31% of the coaches in the park hangge are controlled, less than the opponents, and the margins of the likes of Malaysia. In the next 11 minutes, the Hong Kong Open ended up with the lead.

Vietnamese Telat to defeat Malaysia

Gabriel Tan, who won the Vietnam Tele Malaysia, spoke

Fox Sports Asia correspondent Gabriel Tan says that this match is a very good day for Telugu in Vietnam despite having met with strong opponents in Southeast Asia. Success. It was innocent of the last two tournaments.

"There is no doubt that Vietnam's beautiful football game has no doubt, but they have lost twice as much intellectual opponents in the semi-finals, but said that the recent match will be played if the players in Vietnam do not play well today.

"The experience of strong opponents in the Asian U23s and ASIADs may have allowed Vietnamese players to make the game more realistic, and in both tournaments they have a higher level, and the lessons learned in the championship goal are very important."

Vietnamese to defeat Malaysia 2-0

The ability to manage the ball online is reported

Fox Sports Asia is not only Asia, but also the Star Online and Vietnam tactics in Malaysia appreciate this success. It lost 66% in Malaysia level, but in Vietnam it was 0-2. "This article" approaches Vietnam game, particularly. All defensive players will have 34 percent of the time to control the ball. Vietnam played very strongly and effectively. "

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