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The law of the deceased couple's suicide note at Than Ho Home

Leaf content Suicide note The announcement has not been made, however, some early morning morning of 30/11 said that the letter indicates that the wife and husband's body died on 29/11 at night. .

According to the police, from the outcome of the initial investigation, the identification of the ground observation, the autopsy, and the initial cause of jealousy, including the contents of the suicide note has been identified. , A husband's knife led to a knife's wife's knife, the conflict between the couple, after leaving the suicide note, the self-use telephone cable itself connects, the river went to suicide near the home area.

Like Pioneer It was reported that, on 29/11, in his own family, in the Duk Fu Van village, Tung Son Commune, in Quebec, married to a couple in a nong kong district, along with Quech Thi D (SN 1994) and Tran Hu T (SN 1985) Were married. Answer the conflict with jealousy At this point, Tran Hu Twee exchanges alcohol, alcohol alcoholic concentrations only.

In the area adjacent to the house, TA did not control his behavior, T had cut his knife, a knife. Kuch Thi D, cutting the right hand finger, cut into the right hand, and cut deep in the throat. It is a wound that dies die at the place. Then, TA left the suicide note and killed himself in the Kong Se se (the same village).

The suicide note of the deceased couple in Thanh Hoa - photo 1Clifert in the north-south railway crossing – where the body of the husband was found. Photo: VNXpress

The incident was found on November 30 at 6 o'clock. At this time, relatives received only Mrs. Dino's body in the hips area, which was at the site of the terrible injuries. When the police arrived at the scene, the details of fieldwork results and suicide notes revealed that husband's body is not far from home.

Currently, the case is being investigated and controlled by the criminal division of Thanh Hoa police.

Hong Lam

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