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The LDB has to play with the Malaysian Football Federation on the condition of suffering the extreme suffering


Home fans have a 3 billion penalty in four years

For the past four years, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has fined 138,000 dollars (about 3.2 billion) on topics related to home fans.

In the 2018 SEA Games, Brunans and Singapore are included in the songwriter who calls "dogs." The Fans' indiscipline behavior is the FAM $ 15,000 in the Asian Football Confederation. Family. Additionally, FAM should also be penalized for a number of smaller disciplinary action involving worshipers.

The Malaysian Football Federation (SEA Games) was fined $ 56,000.

In view of the hardship of intense fans, LBBD must also be given the Vietnam Malaysian Football Federation - photo 1.

Malaysian fans are not only flaming flames, but many fan clubs have so much influence on racism and invasion. Picture: The Straight Times.

Malaysia's most enthralling football club in South Asia, Malaysia always puts the scaremers on the go. Nevertheless, Malaysian football is a group of fans who help to advance many times.

FAM $ 10,000 lost in 2014 in Malaysia and Philippines. Malaysian fans attacking Vietnamese fans at the Shah Alam Stadium in the AFC Cup semi-final in 2018 is a big blow to football this year. $ 30,000 fined. Malaysian fans were arrested and banned.

A year later, in the qualifying round of the 2018 World Cup, Malaysian played in the final against Malaysian fans against Saudi Arabia. Malaysia was defeated 0-3. The next match is to play in UAE. The FAAM was fined $ 42,000.

LDBD Vietnam wants to lose the Malaysian Football Federation and the photo 2.

Defeated match between Malaysian fans and Saudi Arabia in 2017. The Malaysian team fined $ 42,000 for playing without a warmheart. Photo: The Star.

LDBD should submit to the Malaysian Football Federation of Vietnam fans on the tragedy.

FAM finals related to home fans over the past four years. Photo: Hieu Luong.

Most faults are afraid of VFF

Over the past three years, FFFs have been well linked to the burning mouse. In 2016, some Vietnamese fans burned at the AFC semifinals against Indonesia.

Vietnamese fans in the Cambodia Olympic stadium in 2019 Asian Games Asian Games qualifiers have been burnt in the fi rst. In this semi-final, the SUdi fined $ 12,000 at the 2018 Olympics in 2018. Vietnam, Korean Olympic Games.

The most unfortunate event in Vietnam, between 2016 and Vietnam, Within 120 minutes, the island's coach is equally coached by the coach's teacher Huawei Tang Stop at AFA 2016. In the cup semi-finals, a Vietnamese fan stoned in the Indonesian car window and caused two injuries.

That's why the bogs were banned in the stadium. Implementation: Dinh Anh.

FNC Penalty Soon, VFF $ 28,000. Plus $ 10,000 flares, VFF lost $ 38,000. By comparison, the Vietnamese team's prize received $ 50,000 for the third class of that year.

According to the code provided by Ethics and the Discipline Board, if the Vietnamese fan fires the fire, the punishment will increase. Most office bearers will have to face a courtroom without a complainant or neutral stand.

The LDBD Vietnam Malaysian Football Federation (LDBD) loses a photo of the suffering victims, as it is a fan of extreme fanfare.

The last three AFC penalties in the system are about fireworks. Photo: Hieu Luong.

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