Thursday , January 21 2021

The loan line of 6.5 billion VDD was destroyed

In six months of operation, Black Credit Line earned VD and 1.5 billion for 135 borrowers with a VD and 6.5 billion.

On January 21, the police in Tame Ki City (Kwang Nam) said that they have run the case, four accused Guyan Anh Tian, ​​Guine Van Kuong (21 years old), Guine Van Mann (19 years old, staying in Hai Phong City) Was there. Section) and to check behavior Beech Ngoc (26 year old, Fu Ninh district, name of Quang) Interesting loan in civilian transactions.

From January to 6/2018 the authorities were determined, Ti and Taim Kay had run a high-interest loan line in the form of a home business in Ky City.

This group often postes detailed leaflets like "All Is Money", "Easy Loans Without Collateral, Easy Procedure, Delivery During the Day" in residential areas, public areas … attract people who borrow money from people.

During the operation period, Tiane Group paid 135 paisa and 6.5 bn to 135 debtors, with an interest rate of 182.5% / year, which VND earned more than 1.3 billion dollars.

Mr. Deen van Thu, Chairman of the Province of Quang Nam, gave a huge compensation of 20 million pounds to the police of Tam Ki Kisi. He proposed to expand the investigation and arrest of the relevant people and soon he was severely treated before the law.

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