Wednesday , January 27 2021

The newborn baby is left beside the pub with a weak cord

Before that, at 9:40 on the same day, when some employees came to clean the pub (Thanah Bandh Ward), then suddenly they should listen to the children crying unexpectedly.

The child was discovered next to the pub

The child was discovered next to the pub

After reaching the fence close to the area, the staff moved a small box. After opening the bag, all the firefighters discovered inside were a newborn baby, still the coconut cord was still intact. Baby boy wrapped in two old blue towels.

Thereafter, the staff of Thanh Bandh Ward informed the working forces of the speedy resolution.

The baby was taken to the hospital to cut coconut cord and keep it warm. It was a boy who weighed about 3.2 kg, it was just one day and it was a normal health.

Thanah Bandh Ward's judicial officer said that the unit is contacting the process to handle the child at the social security center while posting information to find relatives.

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