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The party secretary proposes to openly conclude the responsibility of Thu Thin

On January 22, 2018, the conference was convened in Hanoi in 2019, conferencing the work of the internal affairs of the party.

Participating in the conference, the City Party Committee Secretary said that there are many long and complicated complaints in the city. Therefore, the city has established an executive group under the chairmanship of the city's president.

For a long time in cases of complaint, such as the removal of the Dong Market case, Secretary Guggun Thien Nahan said "there is no fault in management agencies".

"We have wrong, poor, not achieving, or achieving incomplete, as a result there are no relatives. Besides, some people also take advantage of provoking" – Shri Nahan said.

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Once Secretary Nguyen Thien Nahn Thu Tham had contacted the people

Mr. Nahan, a special analyst of the error of management agency, said that a Dong Market Management Board has not looked at the interests of small business owners. Therefore, when the city operates, the first thing is to change the market management board. For slow plans, small businesses have suggestions but they do not fix it, do not listen, the direction to implement the principle is to immediately implement it with the principle, the main benefits of small businesses are the right to trade.

In relation to Thu Thaim case, Mr. Nahaan said that the lawsuit has been going on for a long time. Recently, government inspection has ended, making mistakes in management agencies. According to the Secretary of the Party Committee, while solving this case there is a big text error, the government must acquire.

Mr. Neha also proposed that Deputy Prime Minister Trung Ho Baa would take interest and will soon present the remaining conclusions about the incident.

"In the case of Thu Thiime, the government observer only concluded that issues with people still have a general responsibility. Ho Chi Minh City expects the government will soon be interested in disclosing this conclusion" – said the leader of the country's largest city party committee Was.

Referring to the general anti-corruption work in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nahan said that in addition to the usual solutions, the regulation of the city has been enforced 1374, which is to ensure that all levels of committees and authorities should get opinions with people, officials and public employees. Reflects on the associated risks that have been wrong.

Accordingly, when the news is reported, the party committee is required to direct relevant authorities to handle the report and complete it, then report it to the party committee for a specific time. Last year, the party and government ministry received more than 3,400 news reports that there was a risk of wrong issues between officials and civil officials and it has happened. So more than 3,000 items were processed.

"Through the news process, there are two important issues: First of all, committees are interested in listening to opinions of people, opinion press, supervisor and voter contacts. Others are forced, unhappy, but 97 party members are reprimanded; The government has forcibly forced 142 government employees to quit their jobs. "- Mr. Nahan said.

Redressal of punishment, reinstatement of the property of corruption?

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Overview of Inner Industry Summary Conference (Photo: VNA)

In the conference, talking about the anti-corruption work, the Chief of the Department of Internal Affairs, Dehan Tracke, last year, the Department of Internal Affairs proposed to offer research, advice and proposals. Contributions to the party's guidelines on internal affairs, anti-corruption and judicial reform, and main directions, to fulfill internal institutions, corruption laws, anti-corruption and judicial reform. As such, step by step to create a deterrent mechanism for "not to be corrupt".

In addition, the party's internal affairs branch has actively and actively advised the parties that the case, corruption cases, leads to investigation and handling of cases of economic and security. Time, strict, legal; Contribute to understand and support party's decision to fight corruption and the state's decision.

In this regard, the Deputy Chief of the Supreme People's Procurement Nguyen Hu Tien and said that in the fight against corruption, wealth recovery is very important. If the assets can not be retrieved, the anti-corruption work is not achievable and effective.

However, the Supreme Representative of VKDD said that if the property is corrupt under current general process, then it will last for a long time. Meanwhile, there are big cases of corrupt wealth, if it is delayed in recovery, it will be difficult. Therefore, early recovery of wealth is done in cases of corruption, not only in the country but in foreign countries to fight against theft and scandal.

"To recover assets, there should be a method in the direction, when the subjects willingly hand over all the assets, they can release the criminal penalty or reduce the sentence. This happens when we work, we are always walking, however, there The resolution of the Supreme Court Resolution of the National Assembly or the Judges is necessary so that we can get a mechanism. Transparency is making the rules. "- Mr. teyena suggested.


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