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The police specify the "cell" of the Saigon Metro diaphragm

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 18:28 PM (GMT + 7)

Ho Chi Minh City Vice Chairman, People's Committee, Van W. Tuen said that in addition to the Inspector of Ho Chi Minh City, the police also participate in the urban railway (Metro) No. 1 Ben Thanh – to explain the design of Sui Tian's diaphragm wall.

On the afternoon of 23/1, the HCMC Department of Transportation held a conference to review the work in 2018, which set the mission in 2019. Ho Chi Minh City's Vice Chairman Tran Wynah Ti attended and spent a lot of time talking about the Metro project. Arrangement of the diaphragm wall design from 2 to 1.5 meters of the first Metro project.

Addressing the conference, Vice Chairman Tran Vinh Tuy welcomed the Director of Transportation Mr. Bui Qian Kueg, who had to face many difficulties and instabilities due to the work of HCMC Urban Railway Management Board (Maur). Politburo helped HCMC to stabilize the situation and make the project faster by agreeing to advocate the government to allow the city to increase the total investment of the project.

Police are clarifying the case. Saigon Metro Diaphragm - 1

Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Vice Chairman Tran Vinh Tuan

Mr. Tuey noted that the transport department leaders should closely coordinate with MAUR, because the Metro project is not at the national level, but the great public interest is also the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan. Relationships with Foreign Contractors

"Slowly we have faced the risk of impact on lawsuits and diplomatic relations. When Japan's Prime Minister visited Vietnam, working with his Prime Minister, the first problem to discuss was the Metro project, to the smallest extent. From payment, total investment adjusted Distribution of policy to do. I hope the transfer department is entrusted with the responsibility of this project Should be, namely to monitor the project and entrust the Vice Director to support maurane. Project requested, do not slow down, "Mr. tuyene

Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City, People's Committee, Train Wein Tuen also noted that the Department of Transportation should maintain the continuity of implementation status, not to make mistakes like the recent research of the diaphragm wall, the implementation process is not strict.

Police are clarifying the case. Saigon Metro Diaphragm - 2

Metro line number 1 is under construction. Recently, the Moure Metro Diaphragm wall has designed a package from 1 to 2 to 1.5 meters.

"No one has concluded that this is not safe, no one has concluded that it is true or false, but clearly in relation to procedures and procedures, it must be reported to the HCMC People's Committee. Such stories are not permitted to be made. If there is a close coordination between the transport and Maur Department, then there is no unfortunate event mentioned above. The police entered, HCM City Ins Pachter also must be very actively participated. Experience it. Department of Transportation, HCM City People's Committee to wait until directed, Maur wants to help. This is a common responsibility, "Mr. Tuyen asserted.

Police are clarifying the case. Saigon Metro Diaphragm - 3

Left Director (Left) of Transport Department gets guidance from HCMC People's Committees

Ho Chi Minh City People's Commit Leaders also suggested that bridge-road projects will change the design of the transport department, which requires the views of the transport council to take an opinion as a definitive channel with definitive views.

"Do not let the original things be done for a few thousand billion projects, Ho cum Mih City City People's Council has passed, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee saw the bridge to reduce the ratio by commenting the experts, ground clearance. In reality, only a few dozen homes were reduced, But the capital reached $ 2500 billion, the HCM City People's Committee was not so easy to say. Our application Health is that the city was a more inefficient project. Experts must disseminate knowledge and experience and use it, and if I'm wrong, then I am ready to fix it, "said Mr. tuyene.

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