Thursday , January 21 2021

The provincial leaders do not use public vehicles to work separately for Tate

On the afternoon of January 6, Lunar held a meeting on the preparation of the new year 2019, when Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc was in the meeting with the TT-Hu province chief leader. Culture, sports and tourism minister Guyan Ngoc Thien, attendant in the working session, Le Trouung Lu of TT-HU Regional Party Committee; Together with representatives of ministries, industries and local key officials.

According to a report by the leader of TT-Hue People's Commitment, this area has so far planned to welcome Lunar New Year 2019 as the key; Party celebrations and activities to celebrate spring in the area. The province has directed sections, branches and local goods to prepare goods, to ensure the quantity and quality of some essential commodities, not to reduce the amount of sudden changes in prices affecting daily life. People will not be allowed to starve during tart near completely weak houses, poor homes and policy houses. The total value of reserved goods during the Tate Holiday is approximately VDD 1,300 billion.

This year, there are more than 100,000 beneficiaries in the entire province and support Tate Holidays from the Central and Provincial Levels, in which VD and the budget of more than 26 billion. In which 33,445 provinces of the President and 77,732 province's policy benefits, poor families, and gifts for social security beneficiaries in the province.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc recognized the efforts of the TT-Hew Party Committee, the authorities and efforts to promote economic growth, compared to the plan's budget revenue of the province exceeded 13%, more than 7,700 billion dang. The Prime Minister noted that TT-Hue was the first province where the Prime Minister came to inspect the preparation of TET, but to strengthen the safety measures to welcome other countries of the country, the Directive No. 34 had to be strictly implemented. The moon's new year is joyful, healthy, safe, economical.

The Prime Minister suggested that taking care of TET is to take care of the people directly, not first to "break" food for poor, policy families, natural disaster areas, upper land and deep areas, policy beneficiaries and poor families. During the tate; It is essential to ensure the quality, value and food safety of the things prepared during Tate Holidays; At the same time, ensuring safety and order for people, especially traffic safety, fire and explosion prevention and smuggling and trade fraud during the tag. State leaders and officials do not use public vehicles for office hours to leave during Tate Holidays; Budget must be used properly; Not a great gift, not a great gift.

Ngoc Van

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